10 items no traveller should leave home without

When you’re packing for your travels it can be easy to let the excitement of your trip take over—which is a rookie way to forget key items.

Here is a list of items that no traveller worth their salt would leave home without. Make sure you put them at the top of your packing list!

1. A good book 

Books and travelling go hand in hand. Waiting for your flight, a quiet night in your accommodation or a long coach journey will fly by when you’ve got your nose stuck into a good book. That, and it’s a great bit of entertainment that you don’t have to charge.

They can also teach you a lot about the place that you’ll be visiting. Take a look at our “Perfect book for your destination” article here.

2. Wet wipes

Just like when hitting up Glastonbury, the trusted festival wash can come in useful for the gap year traveller. Whether you need to freshen up after a long hall flight, or you just don’t trust those hostel showers—the humble wet wipe will keep you smelling fresh.

3. Portable charger

You never know when you’ll be caught short of an electrical outlet/EU adapter when you’re on your travels. Keep a portable USB charger handy when you’re out and about to ensure you’re always connected. Portable chargers have a wide price range. We’d advise getting a mid-range (around £20) power supply as they tend to hold multiple charges, and can often be used to charge tablets as well.

4. A large scarf/sarong

No matter your gender, a scarf/sarong is a great asset to take with you on your journey. Scarves look great and serve a variety of uses. Use it as a blanket in the airport, ball it up and use it as a pillow, tie it to make a makeshift bag, cover your head and shoulders when the sun is beating down n you… Need we go on?

5. Earplugs

Keeping a pair of earplugs with you is a must no matter your destination. Tiny and lightweight, you can slip these bad boys into your carry-on and ensure you have a great night’s sleep, whoever your neighbours may be.

6. Sensible shoes

You can’t beat a good pair of sturdy walking shoes when you’re away. If you don’t want to splurge on a new pair, keep some waterproof trainers handy. No matter how killer the heels or suave the loafer—you never know what the weather may do!

7. Sandwich bags

Bear with us on this one. As well as being amazing for keeping things organised in your suitcase, zip-lock bags can be used to house dirty shoes/washing and store electrical items to make them a little more splash-proof. Perfect if you’re poolside or caught in heavy rain.

8. Collapsible water bottle

Hopping on a plane plays havoc with your hydration levels, so it’s always handy to keep a water bottle nearby. If you pack a collapsable one like the Platypus Soft Water Bottle, then you can walk through your check-in and fill it up before you pop onto the plane!

If you know that you should be wary of the tap water at your destination, combine your money-saving bottle with a purification tablet and you have a free, safe drink when you’re out and about.

9. Bug repellent

Itchy bug bites can ruin a holiday. Make sure that you pack a travel-size bug repellent in your carry on so you can give yourself a spritz when you land.

10. Sun cream/Aftersun

You don’t have to be visiting the sunny shores of the Algarve to get sunburnt. Even skiing in the Alps can leave your skin sore.

What items do you never leave home without when you’re travelling? Let us know in the comments below.

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