8 ways travelling can actually change you for the better

You’re probably well-versed in the benefits of travelling, but one benefit you may have overlooked is that you’ll come back a different person.

Being exposed to different cultures and experiencing new ways of life—how could you come back the same person?

You’ll grow in confidence

Simply because you’ll need to. Travelling forces you into a mixture of different social situations, where it’s just not feasible for you to be shy or retiring. You wouldn’t get the most out of your experience if you didn’t mix with locals or buddy up with people in your hostel. As you progress through your trip you’ll naturally grow in confidence and, even after a few weeks, you’ll discover a new you, where you aren’t fazed by new people or experiences. 

Thus making you more sociable

With newfound confidence, you’ll instantly become more sociable. You’ll find yourself striking up a conversation with people more freely, sharing your experiences and stories of your travels and vice versa. Practice makes perfect and the more you expose yourself to new people the easier it is to become more sociable.

New friends will instantly feel like family

You’ll learn to go with the flow

At some point throughout your travels, you’ll throw away the itinerary, change your plans at the last minute or head off on a completely different path. Travelling the way you want gives you a great sense of freedom: that attitude of ‘Just go with the flow’ will stay with you long after you come back. You’ll learn that you don’t always need a plan; you don’t always need to know the next stage, you just need to trust your instincts, live life and have fun.

You’ll become much more adventurous

Travelling puts you in the mind frame of “Well, I’m only here once, let’s do it”—maybe this spurred you on to try new foods or bite the bullet and try an extreme sport. This mentality won’t go away; you’ll no longer fear the unknown, you’ll embrace it with both hands.   

You won’t think twice about trying new things

You’ll become a storyteller

After the things you’ve seen and experienced, how could you not become a natural storyteller? As we said earlier, you’ll swap stories, exchange recommendations and share experiences with a variety of people along the way, so by the time you get home, you’ll be a pro.

You’ll learn to live in the moment

Some may say that you shouldn’t live in the moment, but really no one knows how long they’ve got on earth so why not live in the moment? Everything in life is temporary, so you might as well enjoy it whilst you can. Sure, some things in life need some planning and preparation, however as long as you realise not everything in life does, you’ll end up enjoying yourself more. 

Take in the sights and sounds

You’ll value experience over things

For some, travelling is a massive culture shock—quite soon into your travels you’ll realise the unimportance of material possessions and that no matter how bad you might think you might have it, there’s someone out there who is worse off. The experiences of travelling will never, ever leave you; you’ll never forget what you saw, who you met or how you felt.

You’ll broaden your horizons

You can’t come back from travelling without wanting more; wanting to see more, wanting to experience more, wanting to do more or wanting to expand your knowledge. Travelling is addictive and once you’ve caught the bug, that’s it—you’ve caught the bug for life!

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