Christmas travel tips

Beat the Christmas rush with these travel tips

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but nobody is more rushed off their feet than a holiday traveller. Here are some Christmas travel tips to help make planning your travels a bit easier th

In between people jetting off to visit family, people looking to escape the Christmas madness and the reduced/delayed services over this period… there is barely enough room to think at the terminals during this time of year. Things like that can make your holiday break seem more of a test than a treat.

Here are a few ways that you can reduce your stress levels, get through the airport a little quicker and generally have a better journey.


We always harp on about how necessary it is to prepare for your break, but it’s never been truer for traveling over Christmas/New Year’s. The more prepared you are for traveling, the easier the beginning of your trip will be.

Do as much as you can in advance

Wherever possible, print your boarding passes at home, use check-in kiosks or even pull up your boarding pass on your smartphone.

Technology is a god-send when it comes to speeding up your journey. You can print your boarding passes tickets at home, check yourself in online or just sort it all out with the swipe of a smartphone. Doing as much of this as possible before you leave is a sure fire way to stop you waiting in terrible queues with other stressed out passengers, losing bits of paper and generally having a bad time.

Have everything you need to hand

Keep your documents, passport, money and other essentials to hand to speed up your time at the airport.

Pack light if you can!

Save waiting around in huge queues by just taking hand luggage. It’s also advisable to keep a change of clothes in your carry-on, in case your bag gets lost upon your arrival at your destination.

Find your case quickly

If you do need a little bit more space for luggage, make your suitcase as unique as you can. Tying a bright ribbon around the handle, adding a fancy keyring to the zip or even drawing on the front with a Sharpie will make your case a lot easier to recognise when it’s running round on a conveyor belt. It’s a simple trick to save a lot of stress when you reach your destination!

Travel super early or super late

Statistics show that earlier planes are more reliable for getting to their destinations on time, so it’s better to book yourself on an early flight. If, for some reason, your early flight is delayed or cancelled, you always have the option of getting a later one without causing too much disruption to your schedule.

Be prepared for delays

This time of year is rife with delays, so instead of letting it ruin the start of your break – prepare for it! Have a book on hand, download a few podcasts or TV shows and make sure you have something to snack on. Your delay will fly by!

Make our own quiet place

The quickest way to disengage from your fellow travellers is to pop in a pair of earplugs or headphones. Even if you aren’t listening to anything, the quiet space will be a great place for you to calm down, chill out and get ready for the flight ahead.

Travel in layers

If your flight is unfortunate enough to get hit with a delay, then you’ll have to be prepared for the extra time you’re going to be spending in the airport. By wearing layers, you can make sure that you stay warm, or take off a couple and make a no-hassle travel pillow.

Just stay calm

It’s easy to get a little ratty when faced with other grumpy travellers, lost luggage and delays.  Just take a deep breath in, a deep breath out and remember that everyone else is in the same boat too.

We hope this Christmas travel tips help you on your journey. Happy holiday travelling!

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