canada gap year

Canada: the best work & travel destination

Working and living abroad couldn’t be more exciting — it’s the best experience you could have — and Canada is a favourite gap year destination for many! Alliance Visas can make your gap year in Canada happen — working visa, job, accommodation… they have it all covered!

canada gap year

1. Securing your visa

Getting your visa secured is always the first hurdle for Canada. Not only it is a tricky application process, but there is also a quota, pool and invitation system. A limited number of visas are available, about 5,000 each year, and they go quickly. You need to meet the age, nationality and a few other criteria. But Alliance Visas will take care of the entire visa process so you don’t have to worry.

Check if you are eligible for a visa by filling in this assessment form.

canada gap year

2. Finding a job 

You can take up any kind of work in Canada. It helps to be flexible and open to the kind of work you want to do at the start. Hospitality jobs are popular and make it easier to get your foot in the door. Once in Canada, you can always change jobs. The good news is that there are many employers hiring candidates on a working holiday visa and once you have a visa you can start applying for any job in Canada.

The good news is that Alliance Visas have plenty of employers on their books and fly at least one of them over to the UK and Ireland every year to hire their candidates exclusively. So if you apply through their specific travel package you are almost guaranteed to get a job before you land! Find out more here.

canada gap year

3. Finding accommodation 

There are a few accommodation options available in Canada, depending on your budget. You can choose from either rented accommodation, hostels, a house share or a basement apartment. The Alliance Visas relocation coordinator works with hostels and can also can find other types of accommodation for you. Some employers they work with within the hospitality sector can also provide free or subsidised accommodation too! 

canada gap year

4. Sorting out insurance, flights and foreign currency

Once your visa is sorted, you are free to jet off! However there are a few things you will need to organise before you leave: insurance, flights, funds and foreign currency. Alliance have all this covered for you, as well as a Canadian bank account, sim card and tax back — making the whole process a lot easier!

Make your dream gap year in Canada a reality!

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