eating right gap year

Eating right on your gap year

Making your way across alien lands can be hungry work and after a long trip it’s very tempting to stuff your face full of junk food. Of course, you can get away with this a few times. However, burgers and fries can only get you so far before you start to resemble a bloated, greasy shell of your former beautiful self. Here are some ways of eating right when you’re on your gap year.

Eat as soon as you awake

Whether you’re hungry or not, it’s a great idea to eat something when you get up. It kick starts your metabolism, making you less likely to gain weight. If you’re not starving a banana or yogurt is fine, just make sure you do it within the hour that you arose.

eating right gap year
Blueberries and oats are a good way to start the day

Snack on nuts, seeds or fruit

We all love to snack, especially when we’re on a long journey, but constantly binging crisps and sweets is going to give you the love handles you never dreamed of. Instead, substitute it for nuts and if you want something savoury or pieces of fruit if you’re looking for something sweet.

eating right gap year
Nuts and dried fruit release energy throughout the day

Stay hydrated

Water is one of the most important things you can consume, so always keep a bottle at hand. If you’re travelling around in a hot country it’s obviously even more essential.

eating right gap year
Water staves off headaches and is great for the skin

Prepare lunch before heading out

To prevent you stopping off at that chip stand, why not make a healthy spot of lunch? Better still, you’ll save money, as well. What’s not to like?

The sandwich is the ultimate snack for someone on the move
The sandwich is the ultimate snack for someone on the move

Keep yourself animated

Planning on spending a lazy day by the pool? Sounds great, but why not go on a 20-minute run before you get lazy? You’ll feel better and your leaner body may be a pay off should you want to impress a potential love interest.

Nothing beats a beach run on a sunny day
Nothing beats a beach run on a sunny day

Steer clear of a restaurant that you’re unsure of

If the eatery looks dodgy, it might be an idea to avoid it. If you’re desperate for a meal and can’t find any decent looking places, buy something that requires little cooking and looks fairly in date. That way you won’t spend three days in a hospital bed, wasting money on care. The same goes for water: buy it bottled if you can.

Avoid anything that looks like it hasn't had a health inspection in a while
Avoid anything that looks like it hasn’t had a health inspection in a while

These basic tips on eating right may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people forget them on a gap year abroad. If you adhere to them, you should have a fun and illness-free holiday!

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