Everything you wanted to know about skiing for your gap year

For many, there is nothing greater than the thrill of hurtling down a snowy mound in a foreign land. However, there are those that are put off. Be it the fear that it is too expensive of a venture, too much of a daredevil activity or simply just not for them, skiing should be something everyone experiences once. As such, this is a brief guide to one of the world’s most popular winter recreational activities, explaining what you need to know.


One hindrance that holds many people back when partaking in skiing is the general consensus that the gear and attire are very pricey. This is, of course, true if one is wanting to get hold of the top of the range products that professional competitors use, but searching around online for lesser-known brands will help drive costs down.

Furthermore, perusing Gumtree or eBay will help keep your spending even lower, if you’re a dab hand at uncovering a bargain. An additional factor that one can consider is the fact it is also very easy to rent items for a reasonable price with websites like intersport-rent-france.co.uk or Skiset.


The ski lift

It may seem trivial but knowing how to operate a ski lift can be the difference between enjoying a crisp view of your resort and lying on your back, staring into the white sky.  There are generally two types of lifts one can take.

The first of which is the platter lift, which are used for the starter slopes, where the skier stands up with a bar between their legs as they hold on to a cord. They make look easy to manoeuvre, but people fall off them all the time. Click here to learn how to do it properly.

The second is the chair lift. Again, they seem simple enough, but we’ve seen people fall off them from a sizeable height into a mound of snow. To master getting on the contraption all one has to do is assume a squatting position so when it comes round to scoop you up you’re ready to jump on. Also, pull the bar down immediately, as many do rise to great altitudes.


Resort booking

Obviously, it is true that booking a resort can take a lot of out of your budget before you’ve even put your ski boots on. However, one way of combating this is booking a holiday when it is off-peak.
There is also usually budget accommodation in towns near resorts that one can opt for rather than a swanky hotel.


One final thing to consider

Whilst being a snowy terrain, skiing usually takes place in higher climbs where one can receive great exposure to the sun. Therefore it is definitely wise to put a strong suntan lotion on areas where your skin is exposed.

All in all

Skiing is a wonderful activity that is enjoyed by everyone across the world. So as long as you are sensible, vigilant and abide by the rules of your place of stay then you should have a brilliant time, which will surely inspire you to return to the recreation in years to come.

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