Gap year gadget essentials

Leaving your creature comforts behind, when travelling, can be an overwhelming prospect. But do not fret, as we have compiled some gap year gadget essentials to make your travel run smoothly.

Sound Jar

You’re relaxing in a nice location and you’ve just met some really interesting people, but you have one problem: to soundtrack your evening all you have is the quiet, tinny sound of your smart phone’s speaker. Well, make sure that never happens with the Sound Jar – a tube that surrounds your music player, creating a louder and clearer sound. It’s splash proof, too, which means that you can take it to the beach without fear of damaging your technology. What’s even better – it doesn’t require batteries! Buy it here.

Cash stash keyring

You never know what type of surrounding you will place yourself into when on your travels.  A bustling city, for instance, can often contain pickpockets, so it’s always good to hide away some cash on the off chance that you fall victim to petty crime. With the cash stash keyring made from chrome aluminum you can sneak away some emergency money, allowing you to always have a plan B should anything untoward occur. Buy it here.

Smart Glove

For those travelling through the chillier areas of the world, there is an annoyance that needs to be addressed, and that is freezing your fingers off whilst taking pictures with your phone. Well, there is a remedy for this and it is so simple: touch gloves. With the warmth of a normal glove and the ability to scroll through your phone like you would with your naked fingers, the Smart Glove is a godsend. Buy it here.

Underwater Camera Mask

The watery unknown is something us humans love exploring, so why not capture your undersea adventures with an underwater camera? It’s easy to use, being hands-free, and boasts an 8 bit mega pixel resolution. Buy it here.

Scratch map

For the constant trekker it can be hard to keep track of places that one has visited. Luckily, there is a fun solution to this. The Scratch Map is a poster of a map with a difference: you can scrape away on it all the countries that you have visited, making your experienced travelling more apparent to family and pals. Ideal for the bragger in you. But it here.

Aqua Phone Case

The elements can be cruel – cruel to you and to your precious gadgetry. But that should not stop you from getting your phone to capture your surroundings. Fully enclosing your iPhone in protective shield, the Aqua Phone Case can still be used – even under a metre of water. What’s more is that you can take pictures whilst underwater. Just don’t try and call anyone when down there as that particular feature isn’t supported. Not that it’s physically possible to speak when submerged in water. Buy it here.

Hangover Kit

As aforementioned, there are many things that can go wrong when travelling. But to the man who enjoys a tipple the morning after can be a nightmare if there is no greasy spoon in the immediate vicinity. With the Hangover Kit, it is possible to refresh oneself metaphorically and physically washing away the residue of last night. Contents include: dental supplies, an eye mask, a coffee sachet, extra strong mints, tissues and wet wipes. After which, it will be possible to venture out into your foreign land initiate stage two of operation hangover conquer: find some delicious food. Buy it here.

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