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How to save for your gap year over the festive period

Christmas is the most expensive time of year, so inevitably your travel funds are going to take a bit of a hit over the festive period.

To ensure your saving stays on track; here are some handy tips to enable you to continue to save for your once in a lifetime trip AND still enjoy the Christmas season.

• Over-estimate how much you’ll spend this Christmas and challenge yourself to come under budget. 

• If you’ve got a large family suggest doing a Secret Santa this year instead of buying everyone a present. We’re sure other family members will also appreciate your suggestion.

• Look for a gift that two or a group of people can enjoy together. Maybe your mum and dad enjoy wine so maybe a wine tasting experience would be something different and original. It’s something they can do together and you’re killing two birds with one stone.

• Take advantage of 3 for 2 offers. Little gifts like these make great stocking fillers.

• Check out deals on Groupon or Amazon Local for discounted activities and experiences. Usually, you can get at least 40% off the RRP or in some cases 95% – these are savings you can’t miss out on.

• We cannot stress enough about shopping around. It may be time-consuming, but the savings could be epic.

• If you give your friend’s gifts and you also go for a meal or a night out over the festive season, then suggest only doing one of these and you’ll really save the pennies.

•  Instead of giving a present this Christmas, why don’t you donate your time instead? Maybe your elderly relative would appreciate you helping them with their shopping or you reading to them every week. These types of gifts can mean more to someone than a bubble bath gift set.

• Resist the urge to buy a limited edition coffee or cake from your local coffee shop. A once in a while treat is fine, but treats like these can soon add up and before you know it you’ve spent £7 on a Christmas cuppa and cake and it’s not even 9 am.

• Suggest family and friends give you money towards your trip, or purchase travelling equipment for you like backpacks, mosquito nets or safety kits. Obviously not as exciting as a gift set but much more essential.

Lastly, remember the true meaning of Christmas; spending quality time with the people you love. It’s not a competition about who can spend the most so budget and stick within your means so you don’t end up over-spending.

Hopefully, these handy tips will ensure your travelling funds stay on track over the festive period.

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