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INTERVIEW: Hannah White, the 205-mile kayaker

The Gap Year Travel Guide caught up with Hannah White, sailor, adventurer and broadcaster, for an interview before her talk at The Adventure Travel Show. Not only has Hannah sailed across the Atlantic but has just finished a gruelling 205 mile paddle across the UK in just a kayak. The Gap Year Travel Guide caught up with Hannah before her talk at the Adventure Travel show.

One of Hannah’s views when paddling

Congratulation on completing Hannah’s Paddle, 205 miles across England in kayak, how was it?

It was an incredible experience, such a wonderful way to meet people, see so many parts of the country both urban and rural and experience the general public’s support and generosity.

Was there a point when you thought, “This is a bit scary now?”

I am not a seasoned Kayaker, arguably I am a lot better now than I was when I started, however when I set off from Portishead and the lock gates opened and I saw the open waters of the Bristol Channel and thought “what on earth am I doing.” There were some other scary moments. The Thames was pretty daunting, as were some of the huge weirs.

Hannah kayking past the Houses of Parliament

What was the best bit about it?

The best bit about it was the general public who supported me, fed me and accommodated me along the way. Having support like that when you are undertaking a huge challenge is such a wonderful morale boost. It’s also a great way of spurring yourself on… not only do you not want to let yourself down but you also are doing it for all the people who have helped and are waiting to help you along the way.

Hannah travelling by foot

Kayaking should be a doddle after you have sailed the Atlantic solo!

On paper kayaking 205 miles should be a lot easier than sailing solo across the Atlantic. But to be honest it wasn’t.  The days were incredibly long, between 10 and 13 hours of paddling most days, I had 150 portages to get over and ultimately when I am not physically paddling myself forward I am not making progress. At least with sailing, you can use the wind to buy you a little downtime!

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