one dollar in europe

Just how far does a dollar go in Europe?

Europe’s countries are so diverse and unique that it’s sometimes hard for people visiting the continent to know how expensive it will be. Fortunately, the good people at Hostelworld have created a little infographic to give a basic guide of how far one dollar will go in Europe.

one dollar in europe

In case you didn’t get, here is the full list of what one dollar will buy you in Europe.

Iceland – 1 litre of milk

Ireland – a packet of crisps

UK –  a pickled egg

France – a baguette

Belgium – a packet of chewing gum

Germany – a pretzel

Italy – 1 espresso coffee

Norway – absolutely nothing

Czech Republic – 3 supermarket beers

Hungary – local beer or wine at a bar

Macedonia – a hot dog or a beer

Greece – a glass of Retsina

Romania –  a slice of pizza or a beer

Belarus – a litre of petrol or beer in a bar

Lithuania – train from airport to Vilnius city centre or funicular to the castle

Finland – access to public toilets

Turkey – a piece of baklava

This article was in partnership with Hostelworld

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