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Learn to look after yourself before you go away with Safer Travels!

The moment you book your year off, you will be faced with 365 day’s that need planning. The perfect way to plan is with others who are facing the same issues. Imagine a group of people with all the same exciting times ahead of them, but with all those niggling questions that you just need the answer too. This is where Safer Travels comes in.

There are so many things to consider, but Safer Travels is a company that aims to help those who are inexperienced travellers with things that may be troubling them so that they’re confident before they jet off on their gap year. 

Safer Travels provide day courses in which they cover everything from basic first aid to conflict management. The course can be provided individually or for a group of friends who are travelling. 

Eliminating worries

Safer Travels (ST) believe that ‘safety, security and health’ are important factors when travelling and their course will help educate travellers in these matters, so families can rest assured that their loved one will be prepared and protected. This commitment to safety is central to the company’s ethos and helped influence the course they designed.

Who is it for?

Generally, the course is ideal for those who have completed their A-levels or taking time out from university.

Mates on holiday
Teaching young people to stay safe on holiday

How does the course work?

By implementing various methods, and not just PowerPoint presentations, the team plan on preparing their students with the street smarts and knowledge to travel without running into danger. This will also include ‘hands-on’ coaching so you know what to do when in the moment.

A date with a doctor

Before your course officially commences, you will have the chance to discuss any medical issues you have with the ‘Safer Travels Doctor.’ This may involve talking through vaccinations or whether any conditions certain attendees have will need to be addressed before they take their leave.

The breakdown of the day:


Security/ fire/ general safety:  ST have an array of specialists in the field of police/military/medicine/fire safety and conflict management. Here students will learn how to combat new trends of threat in regards to their belongings (like property theft or a mugging), be briefed on documentation/arrival issues and how to move through borders.

Pickpocket in a street
Keep your possessions safe.

There will also be an instruction of how to pick out a hotel/hostel and a practical drill in how to what to do in the event of a fire.

Lunch break

Conflict management: after students have eaten, they will learn how to deal with, or better still, prevent, conflict, which includes knowing when danger is ahead or when to retreat.

Medical issues: wound care, dealing with life-threatening trauma, knowing what healthcare treatment is available in certain areas (as free health care isn’t obtainable in some countries). Ultimately, they will learn how to stand on their own two feet.

You’ll learn how to look after yourself properly

Q&A session: to round off the day, there will be a chance for students to query about anything they unsure on.

With Safer Travels, students who have conducted the task will have a well-rounded grasp of what to expect when going on their journey. That way, they can have the time of their lives whilst knowing how to confront many situations that could lie ahead.

This article was written in partnership with Safer Travels

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