Meet the X-mini WE!

Take a look at new X-mini WE – the world’s first thumb-sized speaker! Standing at just 48mm tall, it is the perfect companion for the traveller wanting music on the go!

x-mini we

It’s ultra-portable (stick it in your pocket or attach it to your belt or bag), and it’s Bluetooth, but unlike most other Bluetooth speakers it’s also NFC compatible (just tap to pair).

It also acts like a Bluetooth dongle, so you can turn any connected audio device, like headphones, into Bluetooth as well. It’s the ideal accessory for a smartphone or tablet and seriously delivers on the X-mini promise, ‘Sound Beyond Size’!

At £29.99 it’s at a must-have price for anyone who wants a fantastic sound for their phone or iPad whenever and wherever they want.

And of course, added to that it looks cool too…

This article was in partnership with X-mini

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