Save the fuss at the gates and get to grips with airport security!

There is no worse way to start a holiday than to get to your check-in gate at the airport and realise that you can’t get on your flight.

It’s fairly obvious that security is tight at the airport for a reason.

Print off this checklist to make sure you’re safe to travel before you’ve even left your living room.

Hand luggage

Airlines all have different hand luggage allowances. Be sure to check yours and pack accordingly before you fly to save time at the airport.

Within your hand luggage, you’re allowed to carry the following:


Regardless of the liquid, there are very strict rules on how you carry them. “Liquids” applies to a huge number of items you wouldn’t usually consider, such a hairspray, mascara, and shower gel.

• You should definitely know all of this before, so read carefully.

• Your containers must be no larger than 100ml.

• You can carry up to 1 litre of liquids, each in 100ml bottles.

• These bottles must be put in a clear, zip-lock bag. This bag must close when all of the 100ml bottles are inside – no knots and no ties.

These rules are exempt for certain things, such as medicine or baby food.


You’re fine to take a variety of electronics in either your hand luggage or your hold luggage but there are a couple of things you’ll have to bear in mind:

• Make sure you’re charged before you fly. If you can’t turn your device on before getting on the plane, it won’t be coming with you.

• There may be a limit as to how many lithium cells and batteries you can take on the flight—it differs between airlines so make sure you check before you go.

• You’re also still allowed to take on portable hair styler’s (powered by gas) as long as the safety cover is fitted at all time. You aren’t allowed spare canisters.


Ok… one lighter is your limit when flying. It has to be kept inside of a clear plastic bag (just like your liquids) and kept on you at all times. It can’t be put in your hold luggage and you can’t add it to your hand luggage after it’s been screened.

It’s obvious but has to be said anyway. You can’t use it on the plane.

Other items

There are items that you can take with you on your travels that can’t be taken on in your hand luggage. They can, however, be taken in you hold luggage.

• Corkscrew

• Large scissors (with blades longer than 6cm)

• Knife (with a sharp or pointed blade and/or blade longer than 6cm)*

*Please check with your airline

No matter where you travel, you CANNOT take fireworks, flares, non-safety matches or any other pyrotechnic materials. This includes party poppers and toy popper caps.

For more travel advice, check out our advice section.

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