The best free travel apps for your gap year

The best free travel apps for your gap year

Apps are as essential as any of the contents of your travelling backpack. They can really help you out when you’re in a bind or simply just allow for your journey to run a little bit smoother. We’ve picked out some of the best free travel apps for your gap year.


 With Airbnb, you can book lots of different types of accommodation all over the world, check reviews from previous visitors, and even book experiences such as city tours.


 With Citymapper you can find your way to any destination — just search the postcode or the name of the location and the app will give you different transport options, including Uber and Gett, along with prices and how long it will take you.


 Before you travel anywhere, you might want to learn the lingo, which is where Duolingo can help — the app has 33 different languages for you to learn.

1 Second Everyday

 This app allows you to document your travels with one-second snippets of your day. The app collates all of your videos, so at the end of the year you can relive your adventures!


 Perfect your travel photos with Snapseed — a professional photo editor that allows you to tweak your snaps on the move with the 29 different tools and filters that are available on the app.


If you’re visiting a massive city, and don’t have a clue of how to find places, then there’s a chance you will get stuck in traffic a lot. However, Waze enlists the help of travellers around you that informs the user where there is traffic afoot and even routes that will help one avoid any jams.

best travel apps gap year


 With the Skyscanner app, you can book cheap flights, hotels, trains and car hire — making it really easy to plan your entire trip. The app also lets you find out when the cheapest month to travel would be and tells you what days are cheapest to book.

Google Translate

 Translate 103 languages by typing into the app, or take photos of any text to give you immediate text translation. You can also use the app’s ‘Conversation Mode’ for instant speech translation.


 Hostelworld has over 36,000 hostels, hotels and bed and breakfasts located in 170+ countries, which are available to book directly on the app, making it easier than ever to plan trips.

WiFi Map

Using your mobile data in parts unknown can be a costly endeavour, but with WiFi Map you can duck those roaming charges. The app seeks out the nearest source of wireless internet so you can connect via their VPN secure connection. The hotspots are crowd sourced, so you’ll find that it’s always being updated.


Another cost-effective way of communicating with people is WhatsApp – an application that allows you to send texts, photos and videos to people for free. All you need is an internet connection.

Whether you’re planning your gap year, or you’ve already been, let us know what you think are the best travel apps in the comments below.

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