hostel rules

Unwritten hostel rules you need to know

Sleeping in hostels gives you the freedom to travel your own way—at a reasonable cost! But when you’re sharing a space with people you’ve never met, it can be hard to know what’s acceptable. Things you may do at home may get your fellow travellers backs up. Here are the unwritten hostel rules that you should keep in mind on your next stay.

hostel rules

Let people know if you snore

It may not sound like the greatest idea but trust us. There is nothing worse than settling down to the night only to be surprised by your bunkmate snoring like a whale. Just let everyone know so they can pop in earplugs.

No smelly food in dorms

We know the drill, have a few too many beers in Berlin and the first thing you’ll reach for is a currywurst. It’s not that the German take on a chilli dog isn’t delicious—it just hums! Eating smelly food is on par with breaking wind in dorm rooms; you wouldn’t want someone else doing it to you. Make sure you’ve munched your fragrant morsels before you head to a sleeping area.

No bunk-booty-calls

Rose tinted holiday romances may be cute when you tell your mates back home about them, but watching two strangers getting it on whilst you’re trying to sleep isn’t. Take your amorous displays of affection… somewhere else.

Respect other people’s space

Everyone needs a little personal time. The hectic atmosphere of travelling is stressful and some people need time to unwind quietly and by themselves.

If someone asks for their space, respect that and don’t bring the party down to their bunk.

No phones after lights out

hostel rules

It sucks when you settle into bed and the blue light of your phone screen lets you know that you’ve got a text. It’s even worse when it’s someone else’s text waking you up. Respect other people’s right to sleep by putting your mobile down at around 11 pm. Some people have early checkouts or trips planned!

The 8am rule (people can do what they want)

Everyone loves a lie-in but you can’t get precious if your bunkmates start making a little more noise after 8am. After this time, people can pack, chat about their plans and use the facilities without being moaned at.

What adventures can you have in an afternoon anyway?

Respect the loo queue

If you wanted the shower/toilet first then you should have got up earlier. Simple.

Be tidy

When you’ve been walking around all day soaking up the atmosphere of a new and exciting country, the last thing you want to see is your bunkmates junk all over the floor and their dirty washing on your bed.

We all need space (see the space rule) and the best way to keep your space usable is to tidy up as you go.

Don’t be that guy

If you don’t know what we mean by this one then you probably already are. Stop it.

Had any bad hostel experiences and want to add to our unwritten hostel rules? Let us know down below!

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