what not to wear on your gap eyar

What not to wear on your gap year

Holidays are a time when you’re allowed to relax and de-stress. However, what you wear on your vacation may have the capability to make others around you unrelaxed and stressed. Why? Because what people sport on holiday bypasses the laws of their own land, resulting in the upsetting of the friends and family that have accompanied them. Here’s a list of what not to wear on your gap year.

Short shorts

You have to strike the balance when it comes to shorts, in terms of length and how roomy they are. As such, it’s crucial that you steer clear of very short and tight shorts.

Heavy cargo trousers

Where are you going with all that room in your slacks? Unless it’s a solo mission to the arctic, you don’t need to be wearing anything that can transport grains by the tonne.

what not to wear gap year
An offender in a linen pair

Culturally insensitive garments

Don’t get too carried away and buy anything that will make you seem like an archetypal offensive tourist. It’s offensive, tacky and will more than likely get you in some hot bother.

Hiking sandals

Sandals are a minefield. There are so many types that look terrible, the worst of all being the strange invention of those ones that are designed for people who want to trek up a mountain whilst having well-ventilated toes.

what not to wear gap year
Sandals and socks: God’s form of natural selection

Football tops

You might think that you look the business in your Leicester City kit, but honestly no one else does. Football jerseys should be limited to a kick about in the park or wearing to a match. Other than that they should be left to the professionals.


You’re a 3-time Olympic swimmer, ay? Oh, you’re not? Then why, oh why did you feel it appropriate to pack all of your privates into some lycra swim briefs? Cut it out before you’re removed from the swimming pool on grounds of indecency.

Follow these sartorial tips about what not to wear will make sure you look top notch on your gap year.

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