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3 things you must do to make the most of your gap year

Wherever you go though, make sure that you do these three things to make the most of your gap year.

They say you find yourself at university, but there is something about travelling that makes you a rounded person. Whether you are looking for something to add to a CV, long for adventure or simply need more time to decide your future path then a gap year can be extremely productive.

Learn something

Stepping out of your comfort will teach you a lot about yourself as a person but there are things you can learn on a gap year. A second language is an excellent option in our quickly changing world so immerse yourself into a country and improve a language you already know or start a new challenge.

Learn or improve sport hobbies like skiing and surfing – you can earn at the same time with seasonal work—and take the chance to learn a new skill. From alpaca knitting in the Andes to self-taught coding there are sure to be things that add to CVs and are ideal icebreakers.

Working at ski resort certainly has its perks
Working at ski resort certainly has its perks

Do something amazing

Once in a lifetime experiences are few and far between on this earth and a gap year is the perfect setting for doing something truly incredible. From hiking the Inca Trail to diving the Great Barrier Reef to inter-railing across Europe, there are some incredible options out there that are sure to take your breath away and change your perspective.

make the most
The Great Barrier Reef holds many delights

Try new things

Leave your worries behind and let ‘yes’ be your go-to word as you sample the delights of areas across the world. Point at the menu and gamble on a meal in Cambodia, find out what beer they drink in Chile and experience the modes of transport that will take you from one country to another, through winding mountain roads, over a 12-hour stint.

make the most
The winding roads of the Plateau highway, Tibet

This is a time to have fun, so make the most of it.

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