5 hipster holiday destinations you need to visit this year

Turn off the well-worn path of traditional gap year destinations and defy the mainstream with ones of this year’s hottest travel trends, hipster holidays!

Previously overlooked, ignored and downright avoided areas are seeing a huge growth to their tourism. Their edgy appeal and lack of commercial influence is enticing people in to experience something new and unique… or just make them sound really cool when they get back.

“Trailblazers are the mainstay of the ever-changing tourism industry and the ‘hipster holiday’ phenomenon is helping to change the landscape of city breaks for good, providing an alternative for visitors to Europe’s major cities,” – World Travel Market, Senior Director, Simon Press.

And what better way is there to travel than to visit somewhere you never knew existed?

The Azores


A view from The Azores

The Azores is an often overlooked archipelago. It’s an autonomous region of Portugal that’s been barely touched by man. Quaint villages are scattered through the collection of islands vastly varied scenery.

If wandering through the region’s volcanic landscapes, blue hydrangeas and green pastures don’t capture your sense of adventure, take to the water! Hop aboard a boat to watch the native whale or go blue marlin fishing. Surfing and diving are also popular past-times.


Coloured houses in Greenland

While a holiday here isn’t the cheapest, the natural beauties that you encounter when you’re here will more than make up for it.

Where else can you better feel freedom from the mainstream than in the face of nature itself? Walk, ski, sled and dogsled across the snowy tundra’s, letting the sound of cracking glaciers guide and rich wintery winds guide you through the expanse.

The waters around Greenland also provide entertainment for the gap year traveller. Take a boat tour through the fjords, watch whales in the deeper water, or visit another village, tucked just around the waterways. Kayaking and diving in the cooler waters is also an option for those of you into sports.

Greenland isn’t just for the aurora borealis anymore… but it’s a great start.

But the Hipster Holiday isn’t just reserved for Europe. Lesser visited countries are also capitalising on this growing market. So, why don’t you delve a little further into the “cooler” parts of the globe?


A street in Havana

Cuba is a home away from home for hipsters. 1950’s cars drive you past brightly painted Spanish-Colonial buildings, while its residents smoke the world’s finest cigars and signature rums… Add that to the delicious cuisine you’ll find on every street (or street corner) and you’ve hit hipster gold.

The heart of Cuba, Havana, isn’t the only cool place to visit during your travels. The island is known for its beautiful scenery; rolling mountains provide a great place to hike and the white-sand beaches are an excellent place to sip a (rum-based) cocktail and have a siesta.



For a true hipster holiday experience, you need to hit the South American country’s capital, Buenos Aires. Street art dances across the walls of the cities capital. Tucked around every corner are a plethora of restaurants serving up favourites like Asado (traditional BBQ) and Provoleta (cheese on toasts big brother). Once you’re finished eating, browse the vintage shops, small artisan stores and admire the architecture.

Day seamlessly moves into night in Argentina. Hop from traditional coffee shops serving the best Americano you’ll ever drink, to bars full of cheap drinks and live music.


Walk the streets of Sapporo

Before you say it, we know that Japan is pretty well travelled. But it isn’t the bright lights of Tokyo we’re referencing. Everyone’s seen Honshu (or mainland) but how many people can say that they’ve explored the outer islands?

The youngest of Japans outer-island based cities is Sapporo.

The 1972 Olympic Games revitalised the area, creating a youthful and fun vibe that is still felt today. For the foodies amongst you, take a trip to the ramen theme park to let off some steam and try some of the delicious local food. For a more grown-up experience, visit the famous Sapporo Brewery, where the cities famous beer has been brewed since 1876.

If craft ale and delicious delights still aren’t pushing the hipster boat out for you, why not bring your family home a music box, created in the city of music boxes. Choose from over 400 tunes to put inside a box of your design. You won’t find a gift like that in Benidorm.

Have we missed any cool places that you’re going to this year? Let us know in the comments!

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