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Explore the wonderful island of Madagascar with Mada Tours

Lying in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of Africa, is the wonderful island of Madagascar. Due to its relatively isolated location from neighbouring continents, it is deemed a biodiversity hotspot. Mada Tours is an established tour company who provide tours for you to explore Madagascar without the stress of navigating the expanse of the island yourself.

Home to thousands of species of animals and plants, many of its flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in the world and 5% of all known species of animals are to be found only on the island. This makes Madagascar one of the most unique tourist destinations on earth.

The most famous inhabitants of Madagascar are the 50 species of Lemurs that can be found throughout the country. This sight is iconic of Madagascar, but the array of wildlife found throughout the island and along its shores is like nowhere else on earth.

Chameleons, turtles, whales, bats, crocodiles, giant rats and frogs are just some of the other animals that can be sighted on a trip to this beautiful country.

Those also looking for adventure will not fall short here; as the varied landscapes are so diverse you can travel from rainforest to desert within 300km. And with 5000km of coastline and 450km of barrier reef there’s ample beaches to explore and endless exploration for divers and snorkelers. Off road driving and hiking are popular activities, as very few places offer such a wide variety of exciting and epic scenery.

Madagascar is a cultural melting pot, as the island is made up of migrants from all over the Indian Ocean. This mixture of cultures has brought together an intricate set of beliefs unique to the island and it’s people.

With an emphasis on ancestral spirits and a celebration of death, the customs of Madagascar are as fascinating as the island itself. Becoming immersed in the culture of this unique island is an experience in itself.

Tour Madagascar with Mada Tours

Mada Tours have been providing adventure travel trips for over 9 years and are run by knowledgeable Malagasy people who have traveled all around Madagascar.

They provide packages for all needs and budgets, and can even tailor-make itineraries to your specification. From exploring the 12 sacred hills of Antananarivo, to a whale-watching cruise around the surrounding islands.

Tours include:

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