african safari

Have you been dreaming of an African safari?

Wondering what life is like for one of the most iconic and traditional tribes in the world? Nowhere else will you witness such wildlife or experience such a fascinating mix of cultures. Meet friendly people and discover Africa’s hauntingly beautiful scenery. This is adventure’s last great frontier. Come, blaze some trails on an African safari with Nature Bound Africa.


A life-changing adventure awaits you in the untouched wildernesses of Africa. Whether you love the thrill of nature in action or crave the excitement of adrenaline-spiking activities, Africa beckons adventurists from around the world to explore its riveting topography and nearly endless biodiversity.


Imagine embarking on a quest to one of the world’s last natural frontiers to experience pure wilderness, unfamiliar cultures, authentic cuisine, and world-shaping history. In Africa, you’ll discover a truly unique and colourful world that has remained unspoiled by modern influences and ideologies.


Escape to East Africa’s untouched beaches and internationally renowned accommodations to discover an invigorating sense of pure relaxation. All of our preferred properties are celebrated for superior hospitality, lavish accommodations, and exceptional attention to detail to ensure that all of your desires and needs are met with first-class service.

african safari
african safari


From the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, to the endless plains of the Serengeti; from the sun–kissed islands of the Zanzibar. Tanzania has a rich cultural and natural heritage. It was here, on the dusty floor of Olduvai Gorge, that early humans left their first footprints. Protected areas, including national parks, account for over 25% of the country’s land mass.


Lying astride the equator, beautiful and wild, Kenya brings together a diverse mix of landscapes and people. Kenya has long been a destination of choice for those eager to learn about life on the African continent. Kenya has some of the world’s finest national parks and re-serves protecting a wide variety of flora and fauna, breathtaking vistas, and fascinating tribal cultures. The 500kms of golden beaches     welcome visitors to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


Uganda has a reputation for being one of Africa’s friendliest countries. In Uganda you can discover the source of the Nile, as it begins its long journey to Egypt. Uganda is a popular bird-watching destination with more than a thousand species recorded here.


Known as ‘the land of a thousand hills’, Rwanda has a green undulating landscape of hills, gardens and tea plantations. It offers tourists a unique experience and is home to one third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas and several species of primates. Volcanic mountains dominate the striking landscape.

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