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Travel through Morocco with Adrar Travel on your gap year

Why not transform your holiday into an amazing adventure? Let Adrar Travel make your gap year a memorable experience in Morocco!

In such close proximity to Europe, Morocco, is a land rich of exquisite scenery, mountains, Sahara desert, sea and imperial cities. It has become one of the most interesting destinations for travellers in search of excitement, culture, adventure and also an opportunity to give a richer meaning to their travel through volunteering. With Adrar Travel, a company that has been highly praised on TripAdvisor, you can begin your North African adventure properly.

 Camel riding in Merzouga
 Camel riding in Merzouga

What do you want from your gap year in Morocco?

How about an unforgettable experience in a Nomad homestay with Berber nomads in Jbel Saghro?

In a Nomad homestay, you will discover and learn about the Amazing (Berber) nomads and, therefore, open a treasure chest to the real Moroccan experience. Within the traditional Moroccan lifestyle, you will learn and do various activities while you are in the warm hospitality of the Ait Atta tribe family. The homestay could be from 1 night to 20 days and the nomad family is always grateful to receive you in their tent and show you their traditions.

Getting away from a bustling city is a great way to recharge
Getting away from a bustling city is a great way to recharge

Say Salamalikoum (peace be upon you) to your next big adventure and involve yourself in a voluntary project while you experience Morocco.

You can enjoy learning about the culture and history of this fascinating land while lending a hand to help communities in need, which will change their future and yours. Morocco offers a great number of opportunities for sharing skills such as teaching English, computer management or lending a hand in refurbishing schools or in healthcare projects, particularly among women and children in the mountains who are denied access or neglect their opportunity to basic education.

Teaching English in a school in Saghro Mountain
Teaching English in a school in Saghro Mountain

Off-road tours

Discover the untamed side of Southern Morocco’s unique landscape in 4WD tours all in a friendly atmosphere at an enjoyable pace, which will help you learn something new every day of your trip

Adrar travel is specialised in off-road tours through rugged and exciting terrain. We venture into Southern Morocco’s heartland to experience splendid clear blue skies, rugged golden landscape and spectacular panoramic mountain views.

4wd tour in Chegaga dunes

Trekking in the Atlas Mountains

Morocco offers great opportunities for trekking in the Atlas Mountains, promising a fantastic expedition, including Jebel Toubkal 4168m, Jbel M’goun 4087m, Jbel Siroua 3305m and the Jbel Saghro 2712m. Depending on the season and your fitness level, you can hike, walk or ramble in different regions of Morocco. By doing this, you will feel more in touch with nature and while you cross their villages, you will be able to discover the culture of the Berber people.

Trekking in the high Atlas mountains


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