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Unforgettable road trips in South Africa with Global Handprints

Not sure what to do on your gap year? Want to make the most of your travels, fitting in adventure, travel, and giving back through community development projects? Global Handprints ‘Community Development Road Trips’ in South Africa enable people like you to do just that.

We work alongside community members to put together itineraries that incorporate adventure activities that are specific to each region, cultural activities enabling you to get to know the local customs and traditions; volunteer work enabling you to be involved in the development of small rural communities and off road, 4×4 travel exploring rural South Africa from the Wild Coast to the Drakensberg mountains.

Our road trips in South Africa aren’t just for people on a gap year, anyone and everyone with a sense of adventure and willingness to get involved, is welcome with open arms!

An art installation on the outskirts of a villiage
The Nelson Mandela art installation marks the place where he was captured before he was sent to prison

Off the beaten track

Our Land Rovers get you from A to B the long way round in comfort and style. Unlike other Overland tours, our road trips go off the beaten track so that you can explore and see the real South Africa away from the highways. We drive through communities and villages, seeing their traditional homes and ways of life as we pass through.

road trips south africa
Xhosa community village in the Transkei Wildcoast

Feeling good, doing good

Our itineraries include varied volunteer work; from essay writing, reading and math Support Groups for High School students, to Agricultural Data Collection, including being a Big Brother or Sister in a Children’s Home and everything in between! You don’t need any special skills or experience, just bring laughter, love, enthusiasm and an open mind and you’ll be surprised what a difference you can make.

road trips south africa
Some children reaping the benefits of the programme


In-between the adventure and community work, we’ve managed to find time to fit in cultural activities too! You will leave us having learned a bit of Zulu, woven a grass reed mat, cooked and dished out a traditional meal in a local community, visited a Sangoma (traditional healer) and got up close and personal with the Big 5!

road trips south africa
The white rhino, one of Africa’s Big 5


Our small road trippin’ groups mean you get to travel with friends, family or colleagues in your own vehicle. Travelling alone? No worries, you will have the chance to get to know fellow, like-minded travellers. Our vehicles are driven by fully qualified Guides who are there to help you discover Africa, practice your newly acquired language skills, fill you in on the sights and sounds in the bush as well as keep you on track and arriving in each place safe and sound.

Our road trips include everything* you need from your arrival in South Africa until we drop you off back at the airport. They can be booked as a stand-alone trip or combined with each other if you have more time to give while on your overseas adventure.

For more information, take a look at our website:, and be sure to like us on Facebook so you can be kept up to date with our developments.

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