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Welcome to Malawi, the warm heart of Africa.

In many ways, Malawi is also the genuinely friendly, safe and undiscovered heart of Africa—an almost off-the-radar, small and exclusive destination to visit that is just that little bit different from its better-known neighbours. This is one of Africa’s smallest and most beautiful countries, which is often overlooked due to its size and this is why it is such a magical destination. Malawi’s unique selling point is the sheer variety of things to see and do in a comparatively confined area.

visit malawi

What is there to see and do?

Malawi is a distillation of the true African experience. Lake Malawi is the most beautiful feature of the country with great opportunities to dive, snorkel, kayak, sail and swim in its delightfully warm and crystal clear waters, and enjoy the heart-squeezing scenery surrounding the region’s highest peak Mount Mulanje, which has with peaks of up to 3000 meters providing exciting walking and climbing opportunities. You can see beautiful wildlife thanks to conservation efforts, including families of elephants as they splash in the shallows of one of Africa’s majestic rivers. What stands above all though is the warm and friendly people of Malawi. There is something for everyone here – everything for everyone and no idle moments.

visit Malawi

Why visit Malawi?

Malawi is the warm heart of Africa, where visitors are welcomed with open arms and made to feel at home. For a variety of experiences in a relatively small area, Malawi has few rivals:

  • Its warm and friendly people
  • Untouched beauty and stunning scenery
  • Distinctive wood carvings made by the local people
  • Scenic Lake Malawi—the world’s ninth largest lake which despite its size, has no currents and no tides
  • Excellent snorkelling and diving in the Lake (one of the highest diversities of fresh water fish in the world—WWF researchers have identified over 500 species that are found nowhere else).
  • 9 National Parks—good game viewing and excellent bird watching
  • 400 species of Orchid and other wild flowers
  • A cultural heritage largely untouched by civilisation


Whether you’re arriving as a gap student traveller, a tourist, or travelling on business, Malawi is a place that visitors always want to return to; it’s a country you easily fall in love with and will always want to return to.

This article was in partnership with Malawi Tourism

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