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Kayaking in Fiji

Think tropical island and you may envisage yourself lying on a beach, soaking up the sun and sipping cocktails. But Fiji is not just for beach bums—perfect rafting, fishing, surfing and kayaking conditions are turning this destination into an activity holiday hotspot.

Why should you go kayaking in Fiji on your gap year?

We take a look at why kayaking could be the best mode of transport for your Fijian adventure.


This island nation is made up of over 330 islands and 500 islets. With only 110 of them inhabited, taking to a kayak is the perfect way to find your own private paradise for the day. Take island hopping to the extreme by starting your journey in the Ellington Wharf area and working through the Bligh Waters, or explore an island’s interior by paddling up a river.

Wildlife encounters

Kayaking is an unobtrusive way to explore the seas and less intimidating to marine life than larger boats. Paddle alongside the turtles, dolphins and rays, or pop on your snorkelling gear to explore the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef.

Kayaking Fiji

Take your time

Although you may be part of an organised kayaking group, you can take your time and have a really good look at your surroundings. Some companies allow you to design your own itinerary. You can also reach coves and other areas inaccessible to larger boats.


For hundreds of years, small boats and canoes were the only method of travel available to the people of Fiji. You can now get a speedboat or inter-island ferry to go from one island to the next, but kayaking is much more eco-friendly as you are using the highly sustainable energy source of manpower!

A holiday workout

Counteract all of those coconut cream calories by paddling the days away on a kayaking adventure in Fiji. It will make you feel much less guilty about the holiday pounds you may have piled on, whilst giving you toned upper arms.

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