Places to visit on your gap year in Melbourne

Since 2011, Melbourne has been voted the world’s most livable city by the Economics Intelligence Unit. With a rich, diverse culture and many things to do in the Victoria capital, one can understand why. As such, there are many places that are recommended when visiting, but here are just a few to whet your appetite. 

The Escape Room

Though it started in Budapest, the Escape Room has become a cult attraction down under. Found in the inner-north of the city, partakers will need between 2 and 4 people, and within your small team you will need to work through a series of puzzles in order to break out of the room. Challengers have only 70 minutes to solve the problems, and it requires co-operation and a good sense of logic – so don’t do it if you’re prone to dopiness.

As the team behind Escape Room put it, the game intends to “flex mental muscles to solve lingual, visual, mathematical, spatial, physical and lateral brainteasers.’

Obviously, being listed as the number one thing to do on TripAdvisor means that it is very popular to book here avoid disappointment.


Eureka Skydeck

In the Southbank district of Australia dwells the Eureka Tower, which was only built in 2006 and boasts a height of 297.3 metres. The skyscraper offers a numerous range of services, one of which being its observational deck on the 88th floor. Of the many views available at this vantage point (viewfinders, binoculars, a courtyard), the Skydeck also features ‘The Edge’ which is a glass box that sticks out of the actual building where one has an even more resolute view of the city. It is a remarkable experience, although it is probably not for sufferers of vertigo, or for those with a glass box phobia for that matter.


Melbourne Cricket Ground

With a capacity of 100, 024 (compared to the UK’s biggest ground Lord’s at 25,000), it is fair to say that Melbourne Cricket Ground is a big deal – literally and reputation-wise. It has played host to too many historic sporting occasions, such as the first ever test match.

With an atmosphere like no other, the ground really has to be experienced to be believed.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The RBG grounds of Melbourne are 38 hectares, which include various gardens, lawns and lakes. There are also flower experts on hand to guide one through the plethora of plant types.

There are many events on throughout the year, so there is always something exciting to join in on. This month sees the annual Aboriginal Heritage Walk where guides will take visitors through the culture of the Kootin nation. It’s also free entry if you just want a general walkabout.

Queen Victoria Market

Sure, a market may seem like nothing too exciting to some, but the Queen Victoria Market is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere. It has become a major landmark in the country due to its superior range of fruit, vegetables, meats, gourmet/street food, crafts, jewellery, clothes and a donut van that has held resident for over 50 years.

Wednesdays in the summer see the market open at night – a perfect as a romantic setting or for a night out with friends.

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