Planning, deferring, graduating? Your gap year: think Australia

Think Australia for your gap year

Work, travel, adventure, personal and career development on your gap year in Australia.

Think Australia…

  • Unique opportunity for working holiday and travel adventure
  • Unique environment, landscape, climate, lifestyle, friendly, fun outdoor culture
  • Best work, travel & adventure scene in the world for age 18-35, for up to 3 years
  • Safe, well organised, developed country, English language, left-hand side of the road!
  • Loads of work available through our employer network
  • Best work and travel pay rates in the world, genuine opportunities to save
  • Step off point for extended adventures in Asia and New Zealand

Think working adventure
Think rural and outback Australia

VisitOz has been providing working adventures in rural and outback Australia since 1991.

Our programmes provide a pathway to guaranteed paid work on farms and related businesses, in rural tourism and rural hospitality from 3 months to 3 years. Plus, we have strong links to Australian city work.

Not just for career farmers. Your opportunity to do something rare and different. Have an adventure, qualify for second and third year working holiday visas, learn new skills, develop yourself, your career, pursue your passion, or simply work to save.

Think general or specialised… beginner or experienced

Our programmes can offer farm roles for beginners, adventurers or skilled workers. Specialisations in all agricultural sectors for career farmers (equine, equestrian, sheep, beef, dairy, other livestock, broadacre cropping, horticulture, machinery and agricultural service contracting). Trade skills are greatly valued (e.g. mechanics, welding, carpentry) and there are also support roles such as farm au-pair and cook.

Think workplaces and roles

Cattle and sheep stations, animal breeding, rearing, husbandry, growing produce, horse breeding, training and equestrianism, use of motorbikes, tractors, farm and harvest machinery, earth moving and construction, mechanics, welding, infrastructure development and maintenance
Au-pair, cooks, rural tourism and hospitality roles

gap year australia

From hundreds to millions of hectares—some of the biggest farmwork adventures in the world. Family owned and corporate

gap year australia

Think expert service and learning

Based SE Queensland, ex Brisbane or Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, we offer:

1.  5-day Aussie farmwork skills training and assessment course
     2.  Award-winning guaranteed job placement service, more than 2,000 employers Australia wide
     3.  ‘Welcome to Australia’ and ‘Set up for work’ services
     4.  Comprehensive back-up and support service

During our training course, you will become familiar with dirtbikes, quad bikes, tractors, utes, cattle, sheep, horses, mustering, fencing, machinery maintenance and servicing, communication, navigation, farm safety, organisation, attitude, work ethic, teamwork, expectations for successful employment. Our aim is to send you out to your job prepared, able to fit in, be safe and be productive.

gap year australia

Please quote ‘UKGG’ with your application to secure a free Aussie work shirt when you arrive in Australia.

Think bucket list

Between jobs, you can travel and explore Australia. Think Barrier Reef, Opera House, Sydney and Melbourne party scenes, Uluru (Ayers Rock), east coast road trips, wide open outback, wilderness camping, scuba, skydive, surf, awesome food and so much more…

gap year australia

Think personal development

Careers are more competitive than ever, so plan what you will gain and achieve. Use this opportunity to develop yourself and build confidence. Add value to your CV and stand out interest for future employers.

Farm work develops practical skills. Add the transferable skills learned from working independently in a new country and culture, earning your own living and working effectively in a new environment. Build experience of teamwork; gain confidence, resilience and adaptability. Know yourself more and learn to become effective in whatever career you choose.

gap year australia

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