christmas dinner around the world

Christmas dinner around the world

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and everyone is stuffing their faces with delicious treats. But all around the world, the idea of Christmas dinner is different.

Here are four of our favourites:

Familiejulefrokost – Denmark 

Denmark is known for being a winter wonderland, with its abundance of snow and festive wildlife. But what do our Scandinavian cousins eat during Christmas? Like most people celebrating the holiday a lot of drink is consumed, but the food differs to that of Britain. Herring is a classic staple and is usually eaten on rye bread. Other fish is consumed, too, as well as meatballs or pâté.

Æbleskiver  is also a common feature. The best way to describe them is a pancake ball that is filled with applesauce.

Moro de guandules – Dominican Republic

christmas dinner around the world

The people of the Dominican Republic like to include a classic Caribbean-style dish when they have Christmas dinner: Moorish pigeon peas. Made with coconut rice, chicken, stock and thyme, the rice is then mixed with pigeon peas, which makes a great accompaniment with a marinated piece of poultry.

Twelve-dish Christmas Eve dinner – Lithuania and Poland

christmas dinner around the world

Christmas is always a time of overindulgence, but the Lithuanians and Polish may take the biscuit for the biggest yuletide food binge. The courses generally involve mushroom soup, a carrot and herring dish. Mushrooms are an important vegetable for both the Polish and Lithuanians, so it is a classic facet of their Christmas dinner.  For instance, German cabbage with peas and mushrooms is a great side dish. Dumplings, too, are a common occurence in Poland and Lithuania, but when it comes to desserts the two nations differ. In Poland, a sweet dish like a doughnut is normal, but it is apparently a mood ruiner in Lithuania.

KFC  – Japan

christmas dinner around the world

The Colonel’s blend of herbs and spices has managed to become the official thing to devour on Christmas Eve in Japan. Starting in the 70s, the fast-food chain attempted to make the largely un-christian country to embrace the holiday by way of fried chicken. It worked and KFC is the best place to be on Christmas eve or Christmas day. They even have a festive bucket that comes with champagne! Sounds like the best dinner ever, right?

There are many different ideas of what Christmas dinner is all around the world. What will you be eating for dinner this Christmas?

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