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5 facts you didn’t know about Denmark

You might know a lot about Denmark’s Nordic neighbours, but prepare to be amazed by some of these facts about Denmark that many don’t know about…

It’s a very happy place

In a poll conducted last year, the country came out as the world’s second happiest country. The World Happiness Report asked people from across the world how they felt in regards to such things as: ‘freedom to make life choices’, life expectancy, social support and their financial situation.

It is home to the oldest theme park

If you thought Disneyworld was fairly old, then you have no idea. Just north of Copenhagen there is an amusement park that has been around since the late 1500s. Dyrehavsbakken, which translates as ‘The Deer Park Hill’, amazingly survived the Napoleonic wars and boasts a 1930s roller coaster made entirely of wood, which is still fully operational today.

facts denmark

It’s a nation of islands

Denmark is made up of over a massive 400 islands, with over 70 that are unpopulated.

facts denmark

University is free for all

The Scandinavians are well-known for holding education in very high regard, but did you know that university is free for all. Further still, all of their courses are free for anyone who dwells In the EU and many are even taught in English. What are you waiting for?

facts denmark

It’s home to the autonomous district of Christiania

Every country has its communes; many baron homes across the UK are inhabited by squatters where they share a sense of community. In Copenhagen, however, they have an 84-acred, 850 people strong commune where they have their own special laws. Keeping the community stable has been a challenge (the odd riot when a house was demolished by the government), but in its current state it is fairly secure place to visit as an outsider. Within its walls there are weird and wonderful eateries, manmade places of greenery and if you wander down an alley, the chances are the odd biker will try and sell you weed. The inhabitants have until 2018 to buy the land for over 800 million pounds, so if you’re planning a visit, it would be a good idea to go sooner rather than later.

So now you’ve brushed up on your facts, are you ready to explore Denmark?

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