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Budget accommodation in Germany’s Rhineland

Planning a trip to Cologne, Düsseldorf or Bonn? Here are some great options for budget accommodation in Germany’s Rhineland.

Airfares aren’t getting lower, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford to stay in 3-star hotel quality in some of Germany’s best cities: Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Bonn. You’ll find award-winning DJH City-Hostels there, among the most modern hostels in the world, all in central locations.  A stay at one of them is among the best-kept secrets of budget travellers.

Cologne Cathedral

The new reality is: hostels can be like hotels, and the safety and comfort that come with that – but at a fraction of hotel rates. That’s what you’ll find at DJH City-Hostels. Rates start at EUR 22.50 per person in a multi-bed room and  EUR 33.90 for private double or single rooms – always with private bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and breakfast buffet and all taxes included.  No hidden costs!

One of the lovely rooms on offer

In fact, DJH City Hostels are so pristine and attractive that Fortune 500 companies use them for meetings and business travel. When you walk into the lobby of a DJH City Hostel, you see families, business travelers, and young people from all over the world in a setting that looks like a brand new designer hotel. 

How can these room rates be so low? They are offered by the non-profit organization DJH, the Germany Youth Hostel Association Rhineland.  Germany has a culture of organized groups for improving the quality of life, and DJH is one result of it – and one people from all over the world get to enjoy!

Another view of one the lovely single bed rooms

What’s more, the hostels have in-house tourism offices for tickets to local attractions, entertainment, and excursions into the region and can even arrange your entire city itinerary. Planning your stay couldn’t be easier.

More on Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Bonn

You can’t miss Cologne’s famous Cathedral, Germany’s number one tourist attraction. The city has a vivid art scene and amazing night life.

Rhine and Cologne Cathedral

Düsseldorf has emerged as one of the most exciting “hidden gem” destinations in Germany for leisure travel and ranks No. 6 on a global list of cities with the highest quality of living. 

Rhine promenade and Old town

And Bonn, Germany’s former capital, is rich in culture and world-class attractions.  Let DJH City Hostels be your launching pad for your adventure in the Rhineland’s best cities!

Hohenzollern-Bridge and Cologne Cathedral

Getting there is easy:  Düsseldorf and Cologne have major airports and all cities have amazing infrastructure and train connections to destinations all over Europe.

For more information about budget accommodation in Germany’s Rhineland, be sure to contact:

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