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Discover Bad Bramstedt, little “Venice of the North”

Only half an hour North of Hamburg, the idyllic city of Bad Bramstedt is beautifully nestled in the Holstein Pasture Landscape and, at the same time, between the North  and the Baltic Sea!

Activity & nature

Six different streams, crossed by 25 bridges, are flowing through charming Bad Bramstedt. They offer a scenic landscape and lots of outdoor activities such as canoeing, biking, horseback riding, walking and golfing. There are two golf courses in Bad Bramstedt: a 9-hole and an 18-hole course. Go and check out your golfing skills on the driving range or go fun-golfing in Wiemersdorf. It’s all there – waiting to be experienced by you!


If you want to see it all, rent a bike and go cycling along the Monk Way or the Ox Way. These long distance bike paths cross Bad Bramstedt and will lead you all the way through to Schleswig-Holstein.

Before you start, come and visit the Tourism Office. They will help you plan your individual bike tour, making sure you get to the most interesting and cosy places, and ensuring a touching and unforgettable experience in the northernmost part of Germany.

Looking for great entertainment or an encounter with animals? The well-known wildlife park “Wildpark Eekholt” (Eekholt means oak tree) features a fascinating variety of regional animals in their natural surroundings.

You could also visit the famous Karl-May-Show, telling the adventures of the Indian Winnetou and his friend Old Shatterhand, in an authentic outdoor theatre.

Both are easy to reach from Bad Bramstedt.

Bad Bramstedt

Sun & fun

You shouldn‘t miss out on the famous Roland Oasis either. The scenic and fully heated outdoor pool area is nestled right in the pastures of Bad Bramstedt, just minutes away from the AKN train station. Home to a 160 ft pool as well as  3 different sized diving towers and a sauna, there is something available for everyone.

Have you heard about the marshy train yet? The historic steam train, once used to get the mud from the wetlands to the mud pond takes you on the original track from the train station in the woods to the marshy plains, where a guide will explain to you the genesis of mud. Be prepared to interact with the mud and determine its Ph value.


The most unique, once in a lifetime experience in the whole of Schleswig-Holstein, something you can only get in the city Bad Bramstedt, is a bath in real mud! Try it; you’ll feel the effect it has on your body almost straight away. In a whirlpool-like pond filled with approximately 40 degrees Celsius warm moor slurry, the moor-bathing person enjoys the opportunity to walk freely around in the pond. Enjoying a bath in the warm moor slurry is possible for all ages and offered separately to women and men in the highly professional and renowned Fitness Clinic, which is quietly nestled in Bad Bramstedt’s green spa area and still close to the city centre.

Bad Bramstedt


In the evening, when it is getting dark, we recommend you join an outdoor bat tour offered in the scenic landscape around Bad Bramstedt, or go on a guided torchlight hike through our little “Venice of the North”.

With Bad Bramstedt being perfectly located in the city triangle of Luebeck, Kiel and Hamburg, as well as being in the middle of the North and the Baltic Sea, you can do it all in and from Bad Bramstedt. You can explore small and bigger cities, get to know the culture in the Danish-influenced Schleswig-Holstein, visit the shipping lakes in the Holstein Switzerland region and experience blue skies above and the fresh and clear air around you.

Bad Bramstedt
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Come and discover the beauty and diversity of Bad Bramstedt, little “Venice of the North”

Explore the historic, natural, idyllic and very German city of Bad Bramstedt, in the heart of the scenic Holstein Pasture Landscape!

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This article was in partnership with Tourism Office Bad Bramstedt


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