faroe islands

Ever heard of the Faroe Islands?

In the middle of the North Atlantic, barely visible on most world maps, you will find the Faroe Islands.

With their breathtaking beauty, steep mountains covered in soft green grass, deep fjords, long summer nights, unique culture, and a humble, yet friendly and welcoming people, the islands are the perfect destination if you want to try something dramatically different. And, with direct flights from Gatwick the Faroe Islands are only 2 hours away and offer the perfect blend of challenging nature-based experience and an interesting culture.

faroe islands

Best islands in the world

National Geographic Traveler has, in a survey of 111 island communities, voted the Faroe Islands the best islands in the world ahead of the likes of Iceland, the Azores and Lofoten in Norway. The survey was based on integrity of the place and the Faroe Islands were described as being “authentic, unspoiled and likely to remain so.”

faroe islands

Tórshavn – the smallest capital in the world

Tórshavn may be the smallest capital in the world, but it still has good accommodation possibilities, excellent restaurants that serve food based on local produce, a thriving music scene with live concerts and design shops that sell products rooted in traditional Faroese design. One good example is the design duo Guðrun & Guðrun who designed the jumper worn by Sarah Lund in the TV series The Killing. Make sure to visit the old part of town with the charming grass-roofed houses now the homes of young families.

G! Festival

Set in the enchanting village of Gøta – the G!Festival offers an electrifying weekend of amazing atmosphere and good music in a fairy-tale context; a place where soaring emerald cliffs embrace the ancient undulations of the sea and where leading international acts play their hearts out alongside the best artists from the Faroese music scene. All this takes the festival experience to a whole new level – G!Festival is for sure an amazing experience that already has been recommended by The Guardian, The Fly and Playlouder.com and voted as the second best festival in Europe in 2007. 

To find out more about the Faroe Islands, see www.visitfaroeislands.com

This article was in partnership with Faroe Islands.

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