cannes on a budget

Explore Cannes on a budget

The French Riviera city of Cannes isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about a place to visit when travelling through Europe on your gap year. But it is actually possible to enjoy the full experience of the luxurious town without spending a hefty amount of cash? Well, it just so happens if you can if you do a lot of investigation. Here’s how to explore Cannes on a budget.


France is a country of foodies and is renowned for being at the height of culinary of excellence. So it would be a real tragedy if you didn’t allow yourself to sample what luxurious Cannes has to offer. For lunch, there are quite a few places where you can enjoy a tasty and light lunch. Cafe Boheme, for instance, is where to head if you want a high-quality salad dish made from the freshest ingredients. It costs €24.50 for their set menu, which consists of a whole host of exquisite dishes like seafood linguine or a top cut of steak with gorgonzola sauce. This offer runs from midday until 3pm most days.

For tea, L’Epicurieux’s cuisine is very affordable yet of the haute variety. Dishes include vibrant looking, hearty salads as well as cold cuts of meat, steaks and a rich selection of desserts. A meal here shouldn’t cost you more than €30, which is excellent value for such authentic French delights.

Cafe Boheme is located just 2 minutes from the glamorous Vieux port
Cafe Boheme is located just 2 minutes from the glamorous Vieux port


The rich and famous may be found on one Cannes’ 33 private beaches. But if you haven’t got the money to mingle with the elite, do not fear as there are a few stretches of coastline that cost nothing. Plage du Midi is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon and it’s free for all.

cannes on a budget
Cannes’ coastline is almost 10 miles long


For those looking for a nice stroll through some greenery, the International Perfume Museum offers some amazingly fragrant grounds full of beautiful and pleasant smelling flowers to meander through.
The Croisette Gardens, which can be found near the coastline, is also a great place to visit some inner city natural space. After which, you can stroll the beach as it is a stone’s skim away.

cannes on a budget
The Croisette Gardens look enchanting day or night

Where to stay

Accommodation is a massive expense when holidaying and in an area that boasts upper-tier apartments for top earners, one might be unaware that there are actually some hostels and hotels that are cheap and cheery. Hotel Le Mistral and La Villa Tosca offers modest but classy rooms at around £35 onwards

cannes on a budget
 La Villa Tosca is situated in the charming Old Town

We hope this has helped you on your quest to explore Cannes on a budget! Let us know if you have any travel plans to go to Cannes down in the comments below!

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