Kosice – a city of thousand possibilities

Are you looking for an undiscovered gem of Europe? A city where history blends with culture, where delicious meals are savoured alongside local beers, where you can freely walk and marvel at historical sights, but also stop to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade with your friends and locals? Then Kosice is the place to be.

Only 2.5 hours from London Luton via Wizz Air, Kosice is easily accessible from the airport. Variety of its interests creates a unique city where you find exactly what you are looking for.

So why visit Kosice and what to do there? Check out some reasons and book your flight today!

St Elizabeth’s Cathedral

Reason #1 – Historical promenade

Whether you are a history scholar or you just like to enjoy the sight of well-preserved monuments, the longest promenade in Slovakia is sure to enchant you with buildings which mark the historical beauty of the city – let it be St Elizabeth’s Cathedral, Jakab’s Palace, Jewish heritage sights, underground city walls, the largest preserved bastion in Europe, a medieval prison or numerous well-hidden yards which charm even the most sceptical ones.

Jakab’s Palace. Photo credit: Miroslav Vacula

Reason #2 – Local products

Do you love beer? People of Kosice love it too. They even went to such extent that they brought back the oldest pub in Slovakia (and the 5th largest in Europe) to its former glory, producing local beers of various forms, tastes and colours. To try it, however, make sure to reserve a table in advance—’Hostinec” (which means ‘pub’ in Slovak) is usually fully occupied every night!

If you prefer lemonades, do not fret – two brothers have created delicious lemonades sweetened with honey, of rose, thyme and juniper taste called Mellos. You can easily find them in shops, as well as in pubs and bars.

Photo credit: Hostinec

Reason #3 – Events

Once you are in the city, do not miss events which bring it to life.

From 27 April to 9 May, the Celebration of Kosice City Day transports all of Košice back into history to enjoy the anniversary of the bestowal of its 1st coat-of-arms (the oldest one in Europe, as it happens) which took place exactly 650 years ago!

From 10 to 23 May, Košice becomes an ice-hockey city, hosting the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The best teams of the world will meet face to face here – including Great Britain! Do not miss the opportunity to become part of this amazing sports event!

Photo credit: Steele Arena

On 18 May you can get a unique chance to become part of history and enjoy museums’ and galleries’ exhibitions under the cloak of the night at Long Night of Museums.

If you prefer quality food, get ready for Kosice Gourmet Festival. From 7 to 9 June the best restaurants of Kosice will gather at the City Park for the 10th time and offer everybody a chance to try unique meals prepared by the best chefs there are.

Apart from these events, you can find pubs, bars and venues where there is a concert, a performance, a quiz or a lecture almost every night!

Kosice Gourmet Festival

Reason #4 – Kosice’s region

Do you like hiking? Caves? History? Wine? Do not worry – you can find all this within 100 km from Kosice. The wonderful Zádiel Valley, Slovak Paradise, Slovak Carst and High Tatra Mountains are great places to relax, to flex your muscles and to enjoy sports and beauty of Slovak nature two in one. On your way there (whether by bus or train), you can stop at caves (Jasovská cave, Ochtinská aragonitová cave), castles (Spis Castle, Betliar Manor), monasteries (Monastery in Jasov) and churches (Ruská Bystrá) which depict the rich heritage (both historical and natural) of the country, including 18 UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Wooden Church in Tvrdosin

Should you like to try Tokaj wine, winemakers from the region are happy to organise a tasting for you.

Tokaj Wine Region

Are you thinking about coming to Kosice? Learn more about the city on www.visitkosice.org.

This article was written in partnership with the City of Kosice

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