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Learn Spanish the Andalusian way

If you want to learn Spanish and enjoy being outdoors, the Al Andalus Spanish School has the best of both worlds.  

The School is based in Tarifa, the ‘Mecca’ for water sports such as wind and kite surfing, but Tarifa is also a great place to practice all kind of outdoor activities, such as surfing, paddling, climbing, biking and hiking.

The best ways to learn Spanish is by tapping into the amazing Andalusian culture and carry out your hobbies at the same time.  

Learn Spanish

Who wants to be locked inside a classroom during summer?  The classes at the school can take place in a number of different places such as the traditional ‘cuirinquitos’ (beach houses), on the beach and through the many field trips the school runs. Depending on the type of course you have applied for and the weather conditions, the school is flexible when you can do this.

Al Andalus believe that the best way to learn Spanish is by tapping into the amazing Andalusian culture and carry out your hobbies at the same time.  They do this by taking the students out and about in the local area to explore the Andalusian people and culture. The motto is El método mas efectivo para aprender Español es practicarlo (The most effective way of learning Spanish is by putting it into practice).

Standard Spanish classes

The classes run from 10am to 1pm, Mon-Fri and consist of three 55 minute periods with a well-earned break in between. The first period of the class will be the theory of the Spanish language, with the second period devoted to oral expression and comprehension.

In the afternoon you will be able to put all your hard work into practice by taking part in all the outdoor and watersports within the area, what better way to learn the language?

If you want something extra, then why not take a look at a course that combines both the language class and outdoor pursuits and watersports. 

Spanish and Multisport

As well as the standard 15 hours a week you will spend learning Spanish, this course offers you the chance to spend your afternoons taking part in all the outdoor pursuits and watersports. You will spend 8 hours a week taking part in activities such as: windsurfing, Kite surfing, surfing, paddle surfing and climbing. If this is not enough then they also do additional activities like mountain biking, horseback riding, trekking, (guided excursions on the beach and in the mountains), tennis whale- and bird watching, diving and yoga.

For those who want to fast-track their learning, the school offers intensive courses that consist of 1 extra hour of tutoring per day.

The possibilities of expanding your knowledge doesn’t stop there, if you are interested in Spanish and Spanish culture, history , gastronomy, Flamenco , Tango or Yoga  they also have  fantastic courses on offer.

The team at Al Andalus will help you make the best out of your stay and offer a very personalised program. The classes consist of up to 10 students, which allow each person to learn at their own tempo with guidance from their experienced tutors.

Gain the full experience of learning the majestic Spanish language and doing what you love by dropping the school an email to discuss this amazing opportunity. 




This article was in partnership with Al Andalus Spanish School

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