Lisbon: a historic and charming capital

Through time, the city’s heritage has embraced modern trends and lifestyles resulting in truly amazing contrasts that are waiting to be experienced on your visit to Lisbon.

A city of seven hills, Portugal’s capital is famed for its seemingly endless variety of alluring attractions that simply cannot be missed and that will forever linger in the visitor’s memory. Whether you visit the historic centre’s colourful quarters, called bairros where Fado music shapes the ambience, or the modern riverside Parque das Nações, you will be won over by the uniquely intimate experience of getting to know this metropolis.


As the sun sets, Lisbon begins to unveil its seductive, exuberant and gregarious facet with a contagious energy lasting until daybreak.

Lisbon’s nightlife is renowned for an enduring vibrancy that surpasses most other cities in Europe and in the world. When in Lisbon live like the locals, where a night on the town never begins before 9 p.m. and almost always starts by dining out with friends.


Bairro Alto, Bica and Príncipe Real are some of the hotspots for living the night to its fullest. Here, you’ll find entertainment for all “tribes”, tastes and ages, at an endless variety of restaurants, bars, discos and Fado houses.

The cosmopolitan Cais do Sodré also boasts a diversity of restaurants, bars and clubs. It’s a good choice for kicking off the night that can be prolonged at the many discos in the nearby Avenida 24 de Julho and Santos strips.

On the riverside, in the Santa Apolónia area, you’ll also find one of Lisbon’s internationally renowned clubs, the Lux, where many celebrities can be spotted and which has become a genuine tourist attraction in the Portuguese capital.

The city’s most modern zone, Parque das Nações, besides the restaurants and bars, is also home to other attractions such as the Casino Lisboa with its regular agenda of concerts and shows some of them for free.

Parque das Nações is also worth visiting during the day. Have a look at one of the world’s largest aquariums, the Lisbon Oceanarium, or catch a scenic ride on a cable car for a completely different view of the city.

Lisbon has become an increasingly popular destination for young laid-back tourists, many of whom are seeking some of the world’s best hostels to be found in Lisbon. In fact, five of the city’s hostels were rated among the World’s Top Ten international hostels by the booking website.

Most of them are located downtown close to many landmarks such as the São Jorge Castle and the old quarters (bairros) of Alfama, Chiado and Bairro Alto.

Lisbon is also a dynamic, young and welcoming city with many beaches a short distance from the city centre, some of which are among the world’s best for sports such as surfing.

Lisbon’s urban, modern and hip culture thrives in perfect harmony with its historic and architectural heritage, a perfect combination that will enchant tourists from all walks of life.

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