Mediterraneo Marine Park, Malta

Mediterraneo Marine Park promotes marine life conservation against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. A visit is a great way to experience some of the beauties of marine life. The Park offers entertainment alongside a learning experience unique in its kind.

As Malta’s only marine park, Mediterraneo is a leading island attraction with tourists and locals alike. Boasting an enviable coastal location, the park promotes interactive participation with a varied selection of marine mammals including dolphins and South American sea lions as well as parrots and reptiles.

Mediterraneo Marine Park

Visitors may participate in various animal interactive programmes which provide superb entertainment whilst increasing awareness and conservation responsibilities of our animal species. Through specific educational programmes, which include the interaction with different species of animals hosted at the Park, we propagate knowledge following the highest standards in both animal and personnel welfare. The animals present at the Park are cared for by a number of professionals, namely animal carers, marine biologists and veterinary surgeons, who are all specialised in the various fields.

Mediterraneo Marine Park

The park has three main programmes which are held daily: The Dolphin Presentation, The Sea Lion Presentation and The Parrot Presentation. All of these presentations offer an amazing experience to aid a better understanding of the animals and an appreciation of their individual characteristics. There is now also a daily Reptile Presentation and a fun-filled Bird feeding programme which is particularly very popular with our young visitors.

The highlight of any visit to The Mediterraneo Marine Park has to be the Dolphin SWIM programme—a truly unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience that is not to be missed!

Some of the other species that visitors can also expect to see include coati, green wing macaws and amazons, lorikeets, snakes, tortoises, iguanas, turtles, frogs, toads, spiders, scorpions and lizards.

Enjoying Malta’s sunny climate, the Mediterraneo Marine Park remains open all year round. The park is conveniently located just off the main coast road enabling good transport links from most hotels and tourist accommodation. Part of the Costa Edutainment spa group (since July 2012), The Mediterraneo Marine Park advocates animal welfare through an interactive learning environment inspired by the motto: Education, Emotion and FUN.

We welcome you to enjoy the wonderful diversity of these creatures that share the planet with us—thus remembering that, it is their world too!

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