Novi Sad: The city of friendly youth and diverse cultures

Dear young travellers, we wish to welcome you to Novi Sad, the city that is truly proud of winning two amazing titles: the ‘European Youth Capital 2019′ from the European Youth Forum and the ‘European Capital of Culture 2021’ from the European Union. There is so much to tell about what Novi Sad was, what it is and what it is yet to become, and we wholeheartedly invite you to explore it and experience it for yourself! It’s located only one hour from Belgrade airport, so it is quite easy to reach us.

Novi Sad
Tourism Organisation of Novi Sad

European Youth Capital

Novi Sad is pulsating with the energy of young people, their creativity, free spirit, sophisticated ideas and cosmopolitan attitude. It tackles imagination and doesn’t leave you indifferent, it is a city where the youth get together, go out together and work together. The Youth Capital of Europe Novi Sad (#OPENS2019) is a federation of associations which, together with their partners, implement various programs and activities. From the city infrastructure, cultural and educational programs and democratic policymaking, the city will be painted with OPENS colours until the end of 2020.

European Capital of Culture

‘For New Bridges’ is the slogan under which the city won the most prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture. The concept is based on the bridges metaphors which symbolize and establish the balance between available resources and temptations of the city. It further gives promotion and development of children’s creativity and creativity of young artists, as well the connection between Novi Sad and Europe through cultural exchange of children and youth.

Novi Sad
Aleksander Milutinovic

The city of festivals

Novi Sad has not only developed its identity of a festival city (most famous of which is definitely EXIT festival) but also the identity of the locals has developed through festivals. Such events help the city in its spreading of knowledge, culture and art across borders, religions and generations. It’s the city which accommodates both the Julian and Gregorian calendar. It celebrates two Easters, two Christmases and two New Years. In the period between the New Years, the squares and streets become concert stages and halls, places of universal messages, love, happiness, gifts exchanging, place of hearts open to all the people. But that is not all… Winter fantasy in Novi Sad is much, much more—come and see!

Aleksander Milutinovic

The historical city

The first association is usually the glorious 17th-century Petrovaradin Fortress and it would normally be the first thing to see and the place to wander about when visiting our city. Its significance lies in the underground military tunnels which you can explore on a guided tour departing daily from the City Museum of Novi Sad. However, the fort itself and the area around it boasts cultural and historical sites, monuments, hidden corners, and places for relaxation and recreation, like Fruška Gora mountain with its 16 Orthodox monasteries and numerous wineries.

Aleksander Milutinovic

You can find useful information about the city at the official website of Tourism Organization of The City of Novi Sad:

This article was in partnership with Tourism Organization of The City of Novi Sad

Featured image: OPENS, Milan Babic

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