Porto de Mós, Portugal: living the nature!

Porto de Mós is located in Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park in southern Portugal being, therefore, the ideal place to feel the nature. Here you can combine tranquillity with adventure. Stroll through the mountains, watch the birds, breathe the fresh air of the high mountains or deeply immerse yourself into the earth through thousands of caves and algars.

Porto de Mós

Born from what was left of an ancient Roman lookout post, Porto de Mós Castle is one of the region’s most iconic symbols and it is classified as a National Monument. Its unique architecture and green-tiled ceramic towers make it a peculiar and one-of-a-kind monument worth visiting!

Porto de Mós

The karst nature of this region allows the existence of countless caves and algars.

Porto de Mós

Visit Mira de Aire, Alvados or Santo António caves or venture into the earth by practising speleology.
Walk, climb, ride a bike or horse… here, nature invites you to practise sports and go on an adventure because, after all, nature here is to be experienced!

Porto de Mós

One of the highlights of Porto de Mós cultural life is the São Pedro festivities that take place annually at the end of June. Throughout one week, gastronomy, music, crafts and tradition are celebrated here. This event is attended by thousands of people and it’s a worthwhile visit!

Porto de Mós is welcoming people with open arms, charm, warmth and kindness, all with the scent of lavender and rosemary! Rural and nature tourism turn this place into a world to discover! From the palatial Castle to the São Jorge Military Camp, from the bottom of the Mira de Aire Caves to the top of Serras de Aire e Candeeiros, there is an immensity to see and live!

This article was in partnership with Município de Porto de Mós

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