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South Limburg is the southernmost part of the Netherlands and guarantees an unforgettable stay! In the east, it borders on Germany. In the south and west, it borders on Belgium. As the centre of this ‘Netherlands – Germany – Belgium’  border triangle, also known as the ‘Heart of Europe’, the region offers ‘limitless’ variety in a small space.

More than just a short break

South Limburg

You have to be an early riser for a short break in South Limburg because there is so much to do and experience. Decision-making may be difficult at times. The region is known beyond its borders with travellers and cyclists, owing to South Limburg’s topography that is unique to the Netherlands. But it also offers exciting marl caves in Valkenburg, the  labyrinth on the Vaalserberg, magical theme parks, zoos like the GaiaZOO in Kerkrade—where the animals can even partly run free, flowering gardens and spacious parks, stunning culture and monuments, water sports on the River Meuse and skiing in Europe’s largest indoor ski arena and, and, and … Whether sunshine, rain or snow—there are countless ways to spend an unforgettable day full of variety. In South Limburg, you will get bored… never! Really, not a single minute!

Christmas in South Limburg!

South Limburg

South Limburg is home to the Christmas town in the Netherlands, the marlstone city of Valkenburg aan de Geul. From the 14th of November till 4th of January, the spirit of Christmas will be palpable everywhere: in the cosy bars and restaurants, in the attractively decorated stores, in the hotels, and at the various attractions. The semi-weekly Christmas Parade, Magic Sand (the largest underground nativity scene in Europe), the marlstone artwork at Christmas in Mergelrijk, the unique underground Christmas markets and much more, all contribute to a memorable Christmas experience. In 2013 the small city of Valkenburg was on the CNN top 10 list of best world destinations to celebrate Christmas. Various Christmas package tours may be booked via VVV Zuid-Limburg, consisting of Christmas walks, Christmas dinners and access all-areas tickets with a discount on the admission fee to both underground Christmas markets.

Contact Tourist Information

Would you like to visit South Limburg? Or celebrate Christmas in Valkenburg? Find the right person (English-speaking) to answer your questions and to provide information about tours and accommodation:

Tourist Board South Limburg (Stichting VVV Zuid-Limburg)

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