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The best restaurants, bars and nightlife in Crete

We’ve covered the history and natural wonders of Crete, which is enough to make anyone want to visit the island. However, there is one area that we are yet to explore in Crete: the best restaurants, bars and nightlife. Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink in a low-key bar or a big night out in a busy club, the isle is a bustling hub filled with loads of establishments that will get you in high spirits. Here are a few of our recommendations.


Thalassino Ageri, Chania

For meat eaters, you cannot visit this area of the world and not try its wonderful seafood. Thalassino Ageri is an eatery that has been committed to serving the highest quality fruits of the sea. Located in Crete’s second biggest city, Chania, you will be treated to authentic Greek fish-based dishes that include sea bream, pike and red mullet. Seafood comes in the form of lobster, prawns and squid. For those in the mood for an Italian style meal, chefs will make seafood spaghetti upon request, too.

The wine selection is also of note, with many local types on offer such as Crete Olympias and Kretikos Rizitis Dourakis – two crisp, fruity wines made a stone’s throw from the restaurant.

Dounias, Chania

For those who want both sumptuous food and sights, Dounias is worth a look. Also located in Chania, visitors will be greeted by the scenery of the White Mountains as it rests around 600 metres high. Expect Greek food made with the freshest ingredients, such as stuffed aubergine, and all the meat used is from a nearby farm. Best tip: don’t forget to try the handmade bread in a little olive oil. 


Ormos Cafe, Sisi

Looking for a place to watch the sun go down from? The small port village of Sisi (in the north east of the island) should be your next destination. It has a fantastic selection of cocktails, beers and spirits and boasts an enchanting view over the harbour.


New York Beach Club, Hersonissos

For those looking for a big night out then, Hersonissos is where the party is. The New York Beach Club is a venue that caters to travellers from all over the globe as they play massive hits until the early hours. It’s modern and exciting, and encircled by beautiful surroundings.

Avalon Rock Pub, Chania

Chania may be a food hotspot, but it’s also a great place to unwind. It also caters to those who want to listen to a more alternative sound. Expect hard rock all night, a lot of good beer and a glorious stone interior – perfect for the club’s theme.

Have you discovered again of the best restaurants and bars in Crete, or had chance to experience the nightlife? Let us know in the comments.

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