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The Croatian party islands set to replace Ibiza

With hundreds of flights heading from the UK to Ibiza every day, it’s no wonder that today’s reveller is looking for somewhere new to dance the night away. There is a new contender in the battle of the party islands: Croatia.

This lesser known location, located in Eastern Europe, is soon set to trump the traditional party island. From May to September these islands are transformed into a ravers heaven. With, Mediterranean temperatures, over 1000 islands to explore and 15 huge music festivals to count to date – you can kind of see why.

Interested? We’ve had a look at three of the best up and coming islands and their hot spots:

Pag Island

Pag is possibly the most famous of all the party islands that Croatia has to offer. Easily accessible from the mainland via a bridge, this island is a must visit. Combining history and culture with beachside nightlife, you get the best of both worlds on Pag.

Pag’s picturesque coastline

If you’re looking to learn about the island’s rich history, stick to the central Pag town but if you want to let your hair down, head north to Novalja. The largest resort on the island, Novalja has a reputation for being one of the biggest summer party places in Europe. Whether you like your drinks in a bar, club or on the beach – this place has got you covered.

Must visit:  Zrce Beach

Hosting over 10 festivals and countless events, Zrce Beach never sleeps. The parties never stop here, with most beachside bars being licensed for 24-hour service. With a turquoise blue sea backdrop, dance the night away at one the many clubs and then take the party to the pebbles. Papaya, Aquarius and Kalypso (all located on the same stretch of beach) hold epic residencies, after- parties and daytime events to keep you dancing through your holiday!

Pag’s vibrant nightlife

Hvar Island

Claiming to be the sunniest spot in Europe, Havr has a traditional, Mediterranean feel. Full of monuments referencing back to its rich history, stunning architecture and rolling hillsides; there’s a lot to do while you’re nursing your hangover. For peace and quiet to nurse your ailing head, travel to Vrboska. The smallest town Hvar has to offer, this bay-side escape is surrounded by a pine forest and filled with gothic, white architecture. It’s also home to a small island, located in the bay, called Little Venice.

party islands
Hvar Old Town

During the evening, Hvar drops it old-world persona and comes alive.

Must visit: Hvar Town

Summertime nightlife on the island is vastly varied. With events, restaurants, taverns, pubs and clubs – pretty much everywhere caters for the partygoers hitting the area. Some clubs, like Carpe Diem, will host parties during the day before moving things along to their own private beaches.

Take a boat tour of the islands party destinations

Hvar Town isn’t just for the ravers, if you like your music a little more hardcore, then be sure to visit Kiva Bar. Specialising in rock music and tequila, this place’s origins lie in the 50’s and they’ve been partying ever since.

Brac Island

Quickly emerging from the shadow of Split, Brac Island is growing in popularity. The third largest island in the Adriatic, Brac is building a reputation in the young travel market for the variety of things you can enjoy on the island.

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Brac is just a short boat ride away from Split

Besides the nightlife, Brac is also a great place to explore. The stunning scenery is home to a variety of water sports. From swimming to surfing; kiteboarding to jet-skiing, there is always some form of adventure to be had.

Must visit: Bol

Bol has a place to party for everyone. If you fancy a quiet night of cocktails by the beach then you should really visit YOLO. Despite the questionable name, this bar is located on a beautiful stretch of the coast and combined delicious food with reasonably priced drinks.

party islands

For a hard-core clubbing experience, head to places like Faces – a huge club with a packed calendar during the summer months. One of their dance floors is located on a terrace overlooking the sea!

But we all know how nights out go, quiet drinks turn into a massive night… but even then you’re covered. Varadero Cocktail bar is a cute, bay side bar where you can chill out during the day and dance during the evening as the music gets turned up.

Bol is also home to a Summer Festival (spanning the tourist season of June to October), which combines both culturally diverse events with its wilder nightlife scene.

Do you think Croatia has what it takes to steal the top spot out of all of the must-visit party islands? Let us know in the comments below.

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