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The natural glamour of the Balearic Islands

From the gorgeous clear waters that gently lap the white sands of the Mediterranean coastline to the mountain ranges that are found when you make inroads, the Balearic Islands is a region of true beauty.

Of course, many single out its lively club scene as its focal point, but the isles have much more to see. So if you’re planning on stopping by during your gap year, here are some sights that you should definitely explore.

Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera

You’ll be hard pushed to find a beach in this lavish island chain that hasn’t been invaded by hoards of revellers, which is great if you’re the mood to party. However, if you want to truly get away from it all, Formentera’s Illetes is a paradise. Many compare the beach to that of a Caribbean island with its teal coloured waters and white sand. Regularly doing well in many a top beach list, this is one part of the Balearic coastline that isn’t to be missed.

The Formenteran shore

Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca

A world heritage site for a reason, the stupendous Serra de Tramuntana mountain range runs alongside the entirety of Mallorca’s western coastline. Hiking through the land, it’s impossible to not be astonished by the varied and vibrant plant and wildlife that punctuates the landscape.

Puig Major is the tallest mountain of the area, standing at 1,445 metres and offers a wonderful view of the island. If you’re in the mood for a rocky scenic excursion, this is it.

balearic islands
The vibrant colours of the Serra de Tramuntana

Sa Dragonera, Mallorca

Located in the Serra area, is Dragonera. So named because of the various endemic lizards that inhabit the area. These reptiles in their abundance have helped it become officially helped it become a national park.

Whilst a surreal experience watching lizard upon lizard crawl over every inch of land in view, there is also much more to see than just these scaly creatures. There are also amazing underwater caves that are waiting to be explored. Full of sea life and sea flora, you will bear witness to untouched swathes of nature, as it’s supposed to be.

balearic islands
The caves of Dragonera are teeming with life

Cabrera Archipelago Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, Cabrera

A mouthful to say, but this national park that is found on The Balearic Islands’ smaller, lesser known island, Cabrera, is worth the short trip from nearby Mallorca.

If hiking is your game, you’re in luck, as this national park has many trails to investigate with a park attendant on call to help you on your way and not get lost. The neighbouring shoreline is also a treasure trove of sea beasts and if lucky, it is possible to spot dolphins and turtles swimming about near the beach. But be sure to not to go swimming as waters are protected areas.

balearic islands
Cabrera bay

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