Visit the X Factor judges’ houses on your gap year: Part 2

It’s the second round at our look at this year’s cities in which the X Factor judges’ houses are situated. This time around we look at national treasure, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and the biggest name in reality television and head judge, Simon Cowell. Enjoy!

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini –  Nice

Perhaps Cheryl acquiring a classier sounding surname made her pick the elegance of Nice  – a charming Mediterranean Sea-facing coastal city – to judge the six remaining members of her category.

Beautiful architectural constructions are a key draw of Nice.  One of which that the pint-sized Geordie may find comfort in is the city’s Promenade de Anglais or ‘the walkway of the English’, named so because of the high proportion of the English elite that holidayed there in the mid to late 17th century onwards.

x factor judges houses

Another example of the manmade attractions is the many lovely squares that one can stroll about on. Place Massena is lined with decorative palm trees and has Italian red ochre designs surrounding it. The open space is unsurprisingly used to hold many events throughout the year, such as parades and gigs.

Cuisine is a huge part of the culture of Nice. Being a port town, it is possible to sample the freshest seafood imaginable, which has informed many a dish. Case in point: the renowned Niçois salad.

In terms of natural sights, the city includes a long-stretching beach, amazing evergreen and subtropical plant life, which is enclosed by rolling hills and mountains.

Simon Cowell  – LA

Los Angeles is a big city for people with big dreams. Sure, that may have sounded a tad cheesy. But it’s always been a place that has attracted starry-eyed optimists, looking to make their way headfirst into fame and fortune – the perfect setting for head judge Simon to cast his decision as to who will make it to the leave shows.

As a city of over 140 nationalities, it is fair to say that LA is a multicultural metropolis with many communities each brining their own flavour and style with them into their own personal enclaves. Due to the many groups of people, there is a wide array of cuisine on offer. From soul food, to various oriental fare and not mention a big Mexican street food scene, every block has something for everyone.

x factor judges houses

Another aspect of the city’s culture is of course its media production, and many are open to the viewing public to have a wander around. For those who have an interest in the makings of film, Hollywood will be a dream come true to experience.

If film isn’t your thing, one can always visit a few of the 800+ museums in the LA area, or visit a baseball (Dodgers) or a basketball (Clippers, Lakers) game.

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis with myriad bars, clubs, galleries, eateries and parks.  Any of the unfortunate contestants in Simon’s group will at least be able to take their mind off not making the cut by the sheer load of things to do.

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