Tivat, Montenegro: always interesting and attractive

Even though it’s the youngest town in Boka Kotorska, Tivat has lots to offer. Visit the picturesque 85-year-old sailboat, Jadran, and piscatorial wooden vessels swaying in the sea just a few steps away from the impressive yachts from all over the world sunbathing in the Mediterranean Sea…It’s an authentic combination between priceless tradition and modern and calm. It’s a city with a charming present that’s stepped into an exciting future. Tourist Organization Tivat has good reason to be satisfied with this year’s results, they’ve prepared an extensive entertainment festive programme and planning for the upcoming year is in course…

A city that always offers something memorable

Tivat sets an example of rapid growth and swift transformation from the enchanting coastal city into the world’s renowned destination. It nevertheless preserved its tradition and amenities of life at the coast, along with Mediterranean tradition in gastronomy, lifestyle, culture, preservation of rich cultural-historical heritage, which serve as Boka’s landmark and its authentic values.

More than 200 various annual programmes and manifestations take place through various cultural, entertainment and gastronomic events, labelling Tivat as a manifestation tourism destination. Tourist organization Tivat, together with numerous commercial entities (Porto Montenegro, Luštica Bay, Cultural Center Tivat, Public Institution Museum and galleries, Tivat Municipality…) invest efforts to create a dynamic, meaningful and exciting destination to citizens and guests alike.

Manifestations (Luštica Bay)
Manifestations (Luštica Bay)
Credit: Zoran Radonjic

It’s difficult to pick an event because each one has its own audience and significance, like Performers’ Festival In Art—a unique event organised each year with international character, gathering numerous street performers from various parts of the world, or Tivat World music festival which is also an international gathering in September, with the aim to prolong the season with its unique concept, bringing together ethno music aficionados from all over the world.

In Art festival
Credit: www.djuricic.me / MIKO_PHOTOGRAPHY

Summer in Tivat is remembered by Tivat summer fests with concerts of numerous regional music stars, and other thematic nights—all in the aim of entertaining the guests.

It’s never too amusing in this joyful town and carnivals at the coast are the best parties. This year we have a new one: Summer International Tivat carnival, which will be organised each year in June, announcing the main tourist season.

Summer international Tivat carnival
Credit: www.djuricic.me / MIKO_PHOTOGRAPHY

Cultural Center Tivat is active throughout the whole year, with multiple notable events by the famous Theatre Festival ‘Purgatorije’, with a number of performances for children and adults, book promotions, exhibitions, concerts, theatre festivals…

Theatre festival
Credit: www.djuricic.me / MIKO_PHOTOGRAPHY

Porto Montenegro is known not only as a luxury nautical village but also as a place of good vibes and energy, thanks to many concerts, exhibitions, lifestyle events, fashion shows, regattas and other similar events in this world-renowned nautical settlement. More than 70 events are organised throughout 90 days from June to August, at various locations such as Collection of naval heritage, Auditorium, Porto Montenegro Synchro, Yachting club pool, PMYC beach, Marina park, galleria Gayo and the marina promenade. All these events create a distinctive identity for Porto Montenegro as a popular and favourite spot for events on the Montenegrin coast. Some of the famous events organised in the nautical village with participation of TO Tivat: International Fashion Festival, prestigious regattas ‘Thousand Islands’, cricket tournaments etc.

Prestigious regattas—Thousand Islands
Credit: Dalibor Sevaljevic

Luštica Bay is a new pearl in Tivat, offering a true escape to paradise. It’s a place with plentiful events throughout the whole year, such as concerts organised in cooperation with Kotor Art and Cultural Center Tivat, exhibitions, fashion shows and thematic events such as Fall colours, food market, golf competitions and various other projects of great significance for the wider community.

Manifestations (Luštica Bay)

Tivat in the media: good reputation travels fast

All stated activities and events position Tivat as a marketing hotspot. Local tourist organisations released lots of columns in the worldwide media and they will continue to do so in the future. Out of various media publications, we emphasise the series Taste of Europe of Austrian TV ORF2, produced by the National and Local Tourist Organization in Gornja Lastva—an ancient settlement with unique amenities, treasuring the tradition and history of an ancient way of life in Boka Kotorska, compared to the sumptuous lifestyle and glamour in Tivat. This was the favourite venue of four famous female bloggers from Dubai, who visited Tivat last year. There were also columns in Le Parisien and regional journalist groups, realized by TO Tivat in cooperation with numerous media partners (TV agencies, portals, blogs, journalists of high-end papers and daily gazettes).

A study group of journalists from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina agree completely with this year’s campaign by TO Tivat—Tivat is a HIT destination this summer!

Among other high-quality coverages, there was an excellent show at RTV Pink Serbia, produced by the author Nemanja Velkić about Solila in Tivat, presenting the specificities of this remarkable natural reservation with more than 150 diverse bird species that visit this ornithological heaven.

TO Tivat—constant support to high-quality projects

TO Tivat allocates a certain annual fund as support to numerous projects that have a special effect in tourism realised by various parties. One of such projects is ‘Na veslu priča’, a couple of intriguing series on Boka Kotorska at RTS which aired many times on regional and satellite channels.

Tivat doesn’t sleep, even in winter

The winter period also sees interesting events, New Year’s Eve being the most visited one, with thematic evenings, festive decorations and gastro counters which have become a trademark of Tivat. They are located at city promenade Pine and create a memorable festive atmosphere like the ones in European metropoles. Festivities present a carefully selected programme that entertains guests of all ages with an emphasis on local customs and culture.

The superb results are ‘a wind in one’s back’

Statistical data for Tivat covering 11 months in 2018 registered some 30% more visits and almost 8% more overnight stays compared to 2017. Overall financial parameters have also increased, which is an excellent foundation and ‘wind in one’s back’ for TO Tivat to continue with even more ambitious and bigger plans for 2019.

One of the most important events that can be announced for the next year, organised in collaboration between Tivat Municipality and Porto Montenegro, is Gumball—a well-known event organised by excellent Citizen Group even in 2017, with a comeback in July 2019. Gumball will attract a great number of visitors and aficionados of car industry innovations and the word on this huge event will spread throughout whole Europe placing Tivat at an even higher level on the world’s tourist map.

Credit: www.djuricic.me / MIKO_PHOTOGRAPHY

This article was written in partnership with Tourist Organization Tivat

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