top reasons to visit italy

Top 5 reasons to visit Italy

Fair weather, hospitable people, ancient history, art and architecture, mountains, sparkling coastlines and sumptuous cuisine: few countries other than Italy offer a fuller sort of reasons as why you should visit them. This generous land will share its gifts over and over and will cater to your every desire. Here’s a list of top 5 reasons to visit Italy:

The weather

Italy holds a diverse but gorgeous climate, with the warmest months being from July to September. Southern Italy can reach highs of 33ºC. In the wintertime, Milan is sheltered by the Alps and Rome is also fairly mild all-year-round.

The landscapes

For such a relatively small country, Italy has an amazing variety of sceneries, which lend themselves for different ways of discovering and exploring. The mountains of Aosta are great for skiing, the rolling hills of Tuscany with their winding and little trafficked roads are excellent for bike tours. The beautiful beaches and transparent waters of the Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Puglia and Sardinia would entice any sea fan.

The art and the history

In Italy you find almost two thirds of the worlds of art and sights of the entire world. From the Jewel of the Renaissance, Florence, to the “Eternal City” of Rome, from unique Venice to every little town in Tuscany and elsewhere, Italy will surprise you with its abundant art and architecture, ranging from Etruscan and Roman sites to Baroque and Neoclassical buildings, from Renaissance to contemporary artworks.

The food and wine

top reasons to visit italy

Even food is an art in Italy, and the Italians put extreme passion in their cooking and also in presenting their dishes. Here, gelato, pizza and cappuccino taste as they really should, their flavour authentic and sumptuous, and often your dining experience in a simple Trattoria will surpass that of many fancy Italian restaurants in London or New York and will definitely come cheaper. While dining out or shopping, you’ll also have ample opportunities to sample world-famous wines and you’ll find that a glass of wine is not only a beverage but an experience in Italy.

The people and the music

E. M. Forster wrote: “The Italians are more marvellous than the land”. Blank out the silly stereotypes and find out for yourself. Italians can be loud and brash but also elegant and graceful. They are complex, intricate and intriguing as their country’s past and present history.  They love to accommodate and be helpful with tourists; not many Italians speak English, nonetheless they’ll make every effort to try to talk with you. They also love conviviality: families get together are of paramount importance and they will certainly include you, should you happen to be their guest. Be alert, it’s customary for them to want to feed you, and many times they won’t take no for an answer.

top reasons to visit italy

Musical culture is omnipresent in Italy. In the winter, you can attend an event at one of the major theatres like the Teatro la Fenice in Venice, La Scala in Milan, the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, and musical events in alternative venues like the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto in Venice or the Sala Baldini in Rome. During the summer months, you can avail of an assortment of festivals ranging from jazz to opera to classical. The Caracalla Festival in Rome, the Arena di Verona Festival, the Puccini Festival, the Festival dei due Mondi in Spoleto, the Maggio Fiorentino in Florence, are some of the most popular. Most of these events take place outdoors, hosted in marvellous amphitheaters or in the towns’ ‘piazza’ (plaza). These natural or architectural surroundings certainly complement the beauty of the music and make for unforgettable evenings.

How to get there

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