top destinations europe summer 2020

Top destinations to visit in Europe in summer 2020

Europe is bursting with vibrant cultures and delicious cuisines, so whether you fancy soaking up the sun on a beach holiday or sightseeing on a city break there’s a destination to suit everyone’s travel desires. We’ve selected the top 5 destinations to visit in Europe in summer 2020!

1. Prague

Prague has been a holiday hotspot for quite some time now and its popularity isn’t looking to die down anytime soon. Prague is famous for its historic Old Town along with its impressive Prague Castle which has gazed over the ancient city since the 9th century. If you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, Prague is the perfect destination to pick if you’re looking to keep your pockets happy. Prague is great to visit all year round with festive Christmas markets during the winter months and gorgeous warm weather through the spring and summer months.

2. Venice

Venice is one of the most enchanting cities in the world, with its endless canals and incredible Italian cuisine and stunning architecture you won’t be disappointed with this destination. Experience the bountiful wine bars dotted around the city, cruise along the canals in a Gondola, sit back and relax in Piazza San Marco and drown in the history and culture of the beautiful Italian city.

3. Barcelona

top destinations europe summer 2020

The Mediterranean cosmopolitan city of Barcelona has pretty much everything you’d want from a city break. The city boasts a total of nine beaches along and is bursting with things to see and do in the city. There are rooftop bars dotted across Barcelona where you can gaze over the city and take in the incredible views. The city also has plenty of clubs as well as differently boutiques and museums to entertain every type of tourist. The trendy city has a dynamic nightlife so you’ll never be short of activities during a trip to this unique destination.

4. Lisbon

top destinations europe summer 2020

The Portuguese city is the second oldest capital city in the world and is also Western Europe’s least expensive capital city to visit making it our fourth top destination to visit in Europe. Lisbon is renowned for its intimate café and bar culture along with its colourful nightlife scene along with its live music venues. The city is also home to world class restaurants specialising in seafood dishes meaning that there’s plenty for you to stick your teeth into. Explore Lisbon’s many museums and shopping hot spots and discover the cities charms.

5. Budapest

top destinations europe summer 2020

Budapest, the Hungarian city of spas has over 15 million gallons of water pumped into the cities 118 springs and boreholes every day. The city has grown in popularity as a travel destination recently due to the city being relatively cheap, as well as the city brimming with history and natural beauty. Budapest has got itself the nickname ‘Paris of the East’ because of its scenic setting and beautiful architecture. The city is home to one of the largest medicinal baths in Europe as well as the largest public baths boasting a total of 18 pools.

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