Unleash your inner party animal in historic and beautiful Budapest!

Gorgeous gothic architecture, unique coffee shops and local stores, cool vibes and amazing people… welcome to Budapest! A vibrant city, this is the perfect place for those on a gap year looking to work or play—or perhaps both at the same time…

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While there are many opportunities for visiting or volunteering in this incredible city, there is one company that will actually pay you to party with new people—it’s even in the job description. Whether as a staff member or a guest, if you’re keen to expand your social circle with new mates from all over the globe, explore an enticing city and have the time of your life, PartyBookers Budapest is your go-to.

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From boat parties to pub crawls to boozy walking tours, PartyBookers has created a name for itself as the #1 party experience provider in Budapest—and for good reason. The company is founded and staffed by travellers, meaning they know exactly what it’s like to be in an unfamiliar place, unsure of where to go and what to do. They’ll be your new best friends, give you local tips, help you make connections with other travellers and ensure you stay safe while getting your groove on in this crazy city.

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A night with PartyBookers is anything but average. If you have an open mind, are willing to release your inhibitions (body shot, anyone?) and want to let loose, then you’ve found your happy place. PartyBookers will guide you through the best bars and clubs in Budapest and get you involved in all sorts of mayhem: unlimited drinks, open mic nights, boat parties, party buses, free shots, licking a stranger’s ear…Yes, things might get a little bit weird. Once you’ve seen this side of the city, you’ll quickly realize that you never want to leave.

Are you ready for a wild time and amazing memories? Book that flight to Budapest, pronto.
Once there, simply sit back, relax and let PartyBookers do what they do best—create the ultimate, unforgettable, Budapest experience.

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This article was in partnership with Amigo Enterprises KFT PartyBookers Budapest

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