Visit Tribunj, Croatia

Experience unforgettable emotions where island meets land… visit Tribunj.

You’ll find picturesque stone houses, the scent of the Adriatic Sea, authentic Dalmatian cuisine and a touch of tradition in Tribunj.

This tiny Dalmatian gem, surrounded by dreamlike nature and clear waters, will awaken unforgettable emotions in you.

Cultural heritage

Past centuries have shaped the culture of Tribunj, which, through folk dances, local cuisine, vocal singing by the so-called ‘klapa’ and various events, tells visitors the story of ancient olive trees, traditional fishing and sunshine bare rocks. Numerous monuments are silent reminders of the turbulent past, from the Turkish invasion to the Venetian rule, to the famous defiance of Tribunj. You can visit small churches and the remains of the Jurjevgrad fortress and feel a touch of history in this proud Dalmatian town.

Beach Bristak

The summer breeze, known as ‘Maestral’, brings freshness to the sunny beaches, embraced by crystal clear sea, making them a fabulous oasis where you can spend perfect moments.

Visit Tribunj
Traditional donkey race

Warm summer nights can be magical with a number of events, concerts, classical music evenings, klapa singing, fisherman nights, donkey races…Thanks to the efforts of locals and the charming surroundings, many of these evenings will be engraved in your memory forever.

Visit Tribunj
Krka National Park

Few places can be as proud of such natural beauty that surrounds Tribunj. National parks and unspoiled nature will arouse your admiration and make you want to come back over and over again. Close to Tribunj are two national parks: Krka with astonishing waterfalls and the Kornati islands, both should be top visiting priorities.

Visit Tribunj

Just a few minutes away by car or boat, there is ample evidence of glorious history in the area. Visit the ancient cities of Šibenik, Split and Zadar, where there are numerous fortresses, churches, places and monuments which exhibit the heritage of the Roman Empire, Venetian Republic and Austro-Hungarian  Monarchy. You will become a lifelong admirer of this region.

For those who can’t get enough of not only Tribunj nightlife and the cafes and cocktail bars, 3 km away is Vodice, another party centre welcoming anyone who wishes to have a good time. For fans of electronic music, Love International Festival is in nearby Tisno.

Visit Tribunj

Spin a glass of high-quality wine and enjoy the perfect Mediterranean fish delicacies offered by local taverns and restaurants. A variety of traditional Dalmatian dishes and desserts, as well as modern cuisine, seasoned with local extra virgin olive oil, will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

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This article was written in partnership with the Tribunj Tourist Board

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