Film locations

Film locations that you should visit on your gap year

Feel like a real-life film star by visiting these famous film locations. We’d like to think we’re a little ahead of the game here at The Gap Year Travel Guide and we’ve already thought about what film locations we’d like to visit, as well as music video and TV show locations as well.

Films, television series and music videos are often filmed in idyllic places, but have you ever considered visiting them? We’ve had a look at settings from last year’s silver screen to find out where they are so you can visit — the perfect setting for your gap year adventure.

Film locations

Star Wars: Tataouine, Tunisia

Tataouine, Tunisia

Did you know that the famous planet Tatooine is actually named after a real place? Visit its namesake to soak up the beautiful architecture and then wander just outside its boundaries to see other famous backdrops to the movie, such as the Slave Quarters in Episode I (Ksar Ouled Soltane) and the Star Wars Canyon (AKA the Juntland Wastes).

The Hunger Games: North Carolina, America

North Carolina, America

The scenes of Katniss fighting for District 13 were filmed in DuPont State Forest, North Carolina. Perfect for any gap year adventurer, this 10,000-acre playground of nature is packed with hiking trails, fishing lakes, wildlife and scenery that’ll take your breath away.

The Dark Knight Rises: Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur, India

During the last film, one of Batman’s scariest and most indestructible villains, Bane, is imprisoned in Mehrangarh Fort. When Bruce Wayne is also imprisoned there and eventually escapes, he is greeted with the view of the triumphant piece of architecture and the nearby historic city of Jodhpur.

TV locations

Game of Thrones: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

GoT is renowned for its stunning locations, but if we had to pick one to visit it would be Dubrovnik. The setting of King’s Landing, you can explore all the sites of the hit show, such as the Lovrijenac Fortress and the Trsteno Arboretum—that’s the palace and its gardens. The Old Town is actually a UNESCO-listed place, so it indulges both TV and history nerds!

Arrow: Vancouver, Canada

Superhero drama Arrow is filmed entirely in Vancouver. From the well know Queen Family Mansion (or by its proper name Hatley Castle) to Terminal City Iron Works (in the series Queen Industrial Inc.—Arrow lets you look at Vancouver from all angles. What adventures will you find in these streets?

The Killing / Forbrydelsen: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

You guys may be familiar with the US version of this show, but The Killing is actually Danish. Forbrydelsen, as it’s known over there, is set in the stunning city of Copenhagen. Swapping the traditional tourist pits, The Killing shows a lesser, more gritty side of the city—the surreal Pentecost Forest (aka Murder Scene), Carlsberg houses and the Copenhagen City Hall.

Music locations

Pixie Lott “Lay Me Down”: Cannes, France

Film locations

An article about famous filming locations wouldn’t be complete without including Cannes. Last year Pixie Lott hit the seas of the southern French city to frolic in the sun for her song Lay Me Down. It just makes you wish that you were paddling there with her.

Cheryl Cole “I Don’t Care”: Just outside of Malaga, Spain

Film locations Just outside of Malaga, Spain

New husband on hand, Cheryl Cole/Fernandez-Versini hit Spain to film the video for her 2014 hit, I Don’t Care. The beautiful mountain shots are taken just outside of Malaga in Spain, showing that the country isn’t just for beaches and cocktails.

OK Go! “I Won’t Let You Down”: Tokyo, Japan

Film locations Tokyo, Japan

This tech-savvy video is as high tech as the city it’s filmed in—Tokyo! Showcasing the best of Honda’s technology and the beautifully colourful Mori building, if this video doesn’t make you crave the bright lights of this technological city then nothing will!

Which film locations would you like to visit? Let us know in the comments.

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