Here are 20 things that you need to see and do in your 20s

Your 20s are the perfect time to explore the world. Footloose and fancy-free it’s time to pack your bags and seek adventure. Here’s our guide to the top 20 things to see and do in your 20s…

20. Cycle around Belgium

What better way to see the sites than by bike? In particular, Brussels and Wallonia have miles of bicycle-friendly paths which take you along rivers, quaint towns, mesmerising castles and local cafes and restaurants which serve up true Belgian dishes.

19. Have a beer or two at Oktoberfest

Join the six million thirsty revellers for a pint (or a fair few pints) at the world’s largest festival. With, rich history dating back to 1810, enjoy outdoor gardens and fairgrounds in the week-long festival. You’re more likely to bag a table in one of the many tents mid-week, but once you get one make sure you don’t let go of it…

18. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

With soothing temperatures of 38°C, these luscious blue waters really need to be explored.  Sit back, relax and apply the Silica mud to your skin to really reap the benefits of this newly recognised Wonder of the World.

17. Learn Chinese Martial Arts from the very best

Pick from styles, Shaolin, Tai Chi or Qigong to get the full self-defence and survival experience.  Whilst fighting may seem aggressive, this style advocates virtue and peace, rather than violence.

16. Head to La Tomatina

Join in on the fun at the world’s biggest food fight. Each year, around 22,000 people head into the streets of Bunol in Valencia to get involved in a massive tomato fight. Five tomato packed rockets are fired into the air to start off the festivities—then everyone has one hour to get messy!

15. Enjoy Sang Som at a Full Moon Party

Once a month Thailand’s island of Ko Pha Ngan holds Asia’s biggest beach party! Paint on the UV body paint, stock up on Sang Son (a local spirit) and bring your stamina—you’ll need it!

14. Learn how to Flamenco dance

This fiery Spanish dance is full of passion and flair. Head to Spain and learn how to Flamenco from the very best. With fast footwork and clean lines, you’re going to need your dancing shoes.

13. Party in Vegas

They say ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ so we think that everyone should experience Sin City once—or maybe twice! Experience a buzz like no other in the city that really doesn’t sleep.

12. Eat Sushi in Japan

What better place to sample Sushi than in Tokyo? With over 5,000 restaurants to choose from, it’s going to be hard to pick where to head to first. The conveyor belt Sushi is the most popular kind of restaurant for travellers, as they serve up some familiar offerings such as Salmon and Avocado and cooked fish.

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11. Rappel down King Louis Waterfall in Costa Rica

Not just a rappel down a waterfall, this incredible experience also includes a two hour steep horseback ride and a half an hour muddy hike through the forest before you even begin your 100ft rappel. The sense of achievement once you’ve completed this exhilarating experience will be incredible, though.

10. Go Skiing in Canada

Whistler’s Blackcomb has been voted as North America’s No.1 Overall Resort by Ski Magazine for 2016, so skiing on these fine slopes doesn’t come cheap. But what you do get for your money is legendary peaks, festive villages and unlimited dining and nightlife opportunities, perfect for travelling in your 20s.

9. Scuba-dive in Fiji

Known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital’ of the world it would be rude not to explore the depths of the South Pacific if you’re travelling in your 20s. In particular, Viti Levu is one of Fiji’s best-kept secrets, with unspoilt reefs and an array of fish this dive is every diver’s dream.

8. Get colourful at Holi Festival, India

A festival which commemorates the victory of good over evil is something we fully support. Join in on the fun and spend the day smearing coloured powder over everyone’s faces and dancing under water sprinklers.


7. Go surfing at Bondi Beach

Where better to learn how to surf than here? Join the thousands of surfers who hit Bondi’s legendary beach and try and catch a gnarly wave.

6. Skydive in New Zealand

Bite the bullet and experience one of life’s most exhilarating activities whilst you’re in your 20s. Not for the faint-hearted, you’ll need nerves of steel, but it’s a sure-fire way to see New Zealand’s natural beauty.

5. Shake your tail feathers at Rio Carnival

We’ve all fallen in love with the costumes, the dancing and the music, now it’s time to experience it for ourselves. Join Brazil in the world’s biggest party; don some feathers and samba the night away at the world-famous carnival.

4. Spend a few nights in the Amazon Rainforest

Spanning the borders of eight South American countries enjoy an incredible few nights in the world’s largest tropical rainforest. Book a hiking or canoeing trip, ensuring you’ve got a fully trained guide and enjoy a back to basics experience.


3. Hire a motorbike and explore Italy’s coastline

What better feeling is there than having the wind in your hair whilst you bask in coastal scenery? Southern Italy is the ideal place to spend your 20s before the start of mundane everyday life. Motorcycle by yourself or join up with a tour guide to get a real taste of Italy.

2. Backpack down Australia’s East Coast

Australia’s east coast is the ultimate backpacker’s destination. Start in Cairns and travel through some of the country’s most incredible cities and beaches, you’ll pass through Brisbane and the legendary Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast until you end up in beautiful Sydney.


1. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World

Make it your mission to explore the Seven Wonders of the World whilst you’re in your 20s. Visit the Christ Redeemer in Brazil, walk the Great Wall of China, explore Machu Picchu in Peru, wander around Petra in Jordan, bask in Mexico’s Chichen Itza glory, seek history in the Roman Colosseum and get lost in the Taj Mahal’s beauty.

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